Personal Narrative: My Family In Middle School

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Not the best but nor the worst. that was my family, my family always was there for me and all i need to do was get good grades. Even they never really asked me to get all A’s or all B’s. All they wanted was me not getting F’s and everything was fine till six grade . My world had changed for me the school i went for middle was a great middle school but there was one problem. I wasn't prepared for the big change in my life like that , it was really hard for me to switch from elementy with all my friends to a middle school were I would had no friends and was 6g now the smallest of the school. I did everything to fit with others even with the upper class mates. they would make me steal for them i even had a nickname they would called me el pulpo, …show more content…
now i know was intellectually smart meaning i was good at what i was doing but put school aside and school lost the whole meaning. when i was in elementary the teachers actually cared for you and if you would miss a homework or get a F in anything they would inform your parents. in middle school they didn't do that in that time i thought it was great, “my mom doesn't know i have all F’s that's great” so i don't get grounded. first semester went flying all my friends had good grades expect me i really didn't know why eventually i thought it was because i was dumb. my middle school did not send your semester grades to our house they would just hand them out to you for you to give them to your parents. It was a really short year for me i remember in summer i was in the floor watching my tv show the ellen show and my parents were checking their voicemail in the house phone. i still remember the exact words she told me that afternoon she said “julio you have 5 F’s Julio!!!!! you flucke !!!!” she imated started crying and with a fast paced went to her room . i was still in shock i couldn't believe it it was like dream i remember think that's not possible they can't hold me back one

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