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  • Personal Narrative: My Trip To The Brooklyn Museum

    INTRODUCTION: Today is an usually warm day being that we are still in winter, really nice day to hop on my motorcycle and take a ride from the Bronx to Brooklyn and visit the museum. However this wasn’t a casual trip, this trip was a part of an assignment given by my art professor. He instructed the class to visit the Brooklyn museum’s Egyptian Gallery area, carefully observe and specifically describe and analyze a piece of Art from this section of my choosing. Upon my arrival I felt excited with a bit of anxiety mix in, the staff was pleasant and directed me to the third floor where “Arts of Ancient Egypt” were being displayed. I did not have to look around very long before choosing the most appealing piece “to me” is the Pair Statue…

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  • Summary: A Trip To Folsom History Museum

    For the museum project, I chose to go to the Folsom History Museum. The museum was small and colorful. When you walked in, you could see a large quilt with lots of color and patterns. The museum was mostly about how gold in california was discovered, how people dressed, and how people survived. It also led into prison, and punishments they had. There was two separate rooms at the museum. One room was a Famous Baseball room and another room was for the museum itself. The museum had multiple items…

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  • History Trip To The Holocaust Museum

    The Hands on History Trip will instill more about these wonderful historical sites, learning more about the event, and experiencing hands on activities by walking through the Holocaust Museum, having a once in a lifetime experience at the Korean War Veterans Memorial, and by visiting the Island of Alcatraz to better educate students. “The world is a book, and those who do not travel only read one page” (St. Augustine 1). The quote is saying by not going out and experiencing something, then most…

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  • Personal Narrative-Tennessee Moments

    Trio to Tennessee I have had lots of moments in my life cannot be forgotten. These moments means a lot to me, whether these are bad or good. However, that moments I will never forget it, I went to Tennessee last spring with three of my closest friends Don, Miz, and Ahmed. This trip was special for all of us. We all were excited to go, and we did make reservation for the house and the car a month before the trip We had a rental car and heading to Tennessee. We had snakes in the road…

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  • My Trip To Egypt Essay

    There are many vaccines, electrical adapters, language books, and basic essentials I will need to bring with me. Some of the major things are: (1) Electrical adapters to the Egypt electrical outlets; (2) Required vaccines as in typhoid, cholera, and yellow fever; (3) Clothes for the warm days, and cold nights of Egypt; and books to help me understand the different languages spoken in Egypt (4). A round trip flight to Cairo Egypt The time zone change will be hard to get over, as it changes…

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  • Chicago Day Narrative

    We all currently came through the door to school five minutes ago. Everybody in the band was high-fiving and talking to each other. All of a sudden, I remembered what day it was. It was Chicago day, and on this day, each person in the symphonic band and 8th grade goes on a trip to Chicago to have quite a bunch of entertainment. As we all boarded the bus, I kept thinking about what it was going to be over there compared to Alpena and I couldn’t wait to start our trip there. I mostly slept and…

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  • Reflection Paper: A Trip To The Arizona State Museum

    Most people believe that museums are basically only places you visit on random school field trips and they can not really teach you anything. I was one of these people. I felt that museums were not interesting at all and because of how boring they were, that no one actually learned anything from them. Well, one trip to the Arizona State Museum proved my theory completely wrong. By visiting the museum, I learned a collection of new and interesting facts about the Native American people that i…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Trip To The Art Museum

    Another week has gone by. Today is Saturday and got home from a lovely trip. On my way home I went to the art museum where my beautiful daughter`s art was hung for all to see. Of a girl sitting on a wooden rocker, in front of a big widow, while reading a book. A strange old man wanted to soak in the whole picture because he was so close that no one else could the painting. I asked him nicely to please move so that everyone could see but the man was crying. I stopped myself. I know I know…

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  • My Midterm Experience

    However, considering the low participation of my school experience, I applied for the guide of my university and I only show people the routes from David Center to Student Life Center, which I was so familiar that I can finished this “trip” via closing my eyes. During this event, I met a second-year biology and science student, B, who came from Indian. He told me that is the 10 + time to do volunteering in university and he was interested in it, by the way, he attended the previous one as well.…

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  • Reflection: My Adaptation To The Center Administrator, MS.

    I had the pleasure to ask my group of children what would they like to me read to them. Each wanted something different. So, the mentor suggests, that I stick to the lesson plan. The lesson plan for the week consisted of getting the children ready for a field trip. This field trip had been a plan for quite some time. The plan for the field trip is planned July 9, 2015. Teacher and staff, lesson plans are center around this event. My job was to Read the book Animals you can see at the…

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