Personal Narrative: My Trip To The Brooklyn Museum

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INTRODUCTION: Today is an usually warm day being that we are still in winter, really nice day to hop on my motorcycle and take a ride from the Bronx to Brooklyn and visit the museum. However this wasn’t a casual trip, this trip was a part of an assignment given by my art professor. He instructed the class to visit the Brooklyn museum’s Egyptian Gallery area, carefully observe and specifically describe and analyze a piece of Art from this section of my choosing. Upon my arrival I felt excited with a bit of anxiety mix in, the staff was pleasant and directed me to the third floor where “Arts of Ancient Egypt” were being displayed. I did not have to look around very long before choosing the most appealing piece “to me” is the Pair Statue …show more content…
Both statues were elegantly carved showing a couple seated together on a throne-like chair, apparently hugging each other at the waist. The approximate dimensions are fifteen inches tall, eight inches thick and nine inches wide. They both wore intricate wigs and adorned in jewelry. Nebsen’s wig was dark with half his ears exposed while Nebet-ta’s wig is off-white and completely covered her ears. Their complexion, garment and seating were off–white in color as well. They also have full eyes with perfectly arched eye brows, straight noses and thick lips. Nebsen’s left eye has dark eye liner while Nebet-ta’s both eyes have dark eye liners. Even though Nebet-ta’s neck seem longer than Nebsen’s, he is still a little taller than her. Their jewelry looks painted on with bronzish gold which seem to have a sheen and located on the wrist and neck of both Nebsen and Nebet-ta but only Nebsen has arm jewelry. Both statues have breast, however hers is proportionately larger and both navels were clearly visible. Their feet were huge with long toes. Various parts of the sculpture had a few chips, mainly on the edges. The entire back and the sides of this throne-like chair is covered with ancient writings and inscriptions actually known as hieroglyphs, it is even written down the center on their ankle length …show more content…
Also, this statue was actually rebuilt by their son when he became successful because something happened to the original statue and this was a way to pay tribute and aid in keeping his parents spirit alive for eternity. Egyptians thought the statue was a rest place for a soul, it can be used to transport food form the living world to the dead. I think the sculpture is a demonstration of the unity that existed between two individual both physically and spiritually. Usually most statues of ancient Egypt were very serious and dignified but this one looks like they loved and respected each other as they put their arm around each other’s waist. That is one of the reasons I choose this art piece.
My field trip assignment to the Egyptian Gallery at the Brooklyn Museum of Art was really awesome. The magnitude of the various art pieces in that area alone was overwhelming, however the Pair Statue of Nebsen and Nebet-ta “drew me in” with is expression of love and affection. My time there was well spent observing fine art from other

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