Curriculum Implementation Essay

  • Australian Curriculum Assessment And Reporting Authority

    In 2013, the Australian Curriculum Assessment and Reporting Authority (ACARA) published a series of draft relating to the development of new standards for the national curriculum. It was scheduled to be introduced across Australia in 2014 (Falkner et al., 2014). Later in 2014, the Australian Council for Computers in Education (ACCE) supported and emphasised the importance of the implementation of the technologies as “a General Capability” in the new developing Australian Curriculum (Zagami, 2015, p. 1). After reviewing the drafts of the new Australian Curriculum, ACCE partnered with Digital Learning, Teaching Victoria (DLTV) and proposed to clarify Digital Technologies subject in more details as well as to find new pedagogies which Digital Technologies require at the stage of the further implementation. Since that time the Council has provided financial support to various state associations to develop a range of high-quality resources (Zagami, 2015). In 2014, earlier than in the rest of the country, a pilot implementation of the Digital Technologies curriculum took place in the state of Victoria under the supervision of the State of Victoria’s Curriculum and Assessment Authority (VCAA) (Webb, Davis, & Bell, 2016). Eight diverse Victorian schools joined a trial project in order to develop “units of work” (Reynolds & Chambers, 2015, p. 2543) for a range of year levels and consider three approaches for the implementation of the subject which involves applying existing…

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  • Importance Of Curriculum Review Schedule

    Curriculum Review Schedule Student Name University Affiliation Introduction Curriculum review schedules are instrumental in ensuring that school’s program run effectively in accordance to certain set standards. Additionally, they guide administration of resources to various needs in curriculum. Moreover, it is essential in enabling students compete favorably across the globe since it incorporates such changes as technology and global shifts. In this regard, the discussion below…

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  • Essay On The Achievement Gap

    Early childhood services acknowledge that some students start off behind their peers. If a student who came from a low income family started school already behind and did not get the help the needed – a wider and enriching curriculum would only make it harder for the student. The student would continue to be behind. Early childhood services start from birth in getting a child prepared for their education. A quote from Diane Ravitch says, “By itself, early childhood education cannot completely…

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  • What Are The Challenges Faced By SMT Views And Experiences In Implementing Caps?

    implementing CAPS and how can teaching and learning improve through the implementation of CAPS in South African schools? 1.6 THE SUB-QUESTIONS The five sub questions to complement the main research question are as follows: • What is Curriculum and Assessment Policy Statement (CAPS)? • What are the SMTs ' views and experiences in managing and implementing CAPS? • What role can be played by SMTs in managing and implementing CAPS successfully and efficiently? • Which monitoring, evaluation…

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  • The Importance Of Teacher Professional Development

    Ruchti, Wendy, Susan Jenkins, and Joachim Agamba. “Critical Supports for Secondary Educators in Common Core State Standard Implementation.” The Clearing House. 86.6 (2013): 246-254. MasterFILE Elite. Web. 16 Oct 2015. The authors, all PhD’s, located at Iowa State University, College of Education. The focus of the article relates to teacher professional development. A study of the implications of the Total Instructional Alignment (TIA) used in Iowa public schools. Furthermore, the three authors…

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  • Educational Philosophies, Cultural Norms And Values Implicit In The Australian Digital Curriculum

    Discussion of the educational philosophies, cultural norms and values implicit in the Australian Digital Technologies and the UK’s Computing Curricula “There are standards for students, standards for teachers, standards for curriculum content, standards for just about everything that moves” (Eisner, 2000, p. 344). However, from the research, I found that the educational philosophies, cultural norms and values are not explicitly stated in each curriculum. In contrast, they have been developed and…

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  • The Importance Of The Circles Curriculum

    The Circles Curriculum teaches people who have intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD) about social boundaries and helps protect against abuse and exploitation (Circles I: Intimacy and Relationships). The complete curriculum is owned by the James Standfield Company and can be bought online. The curriculum includes; Circles: Level 1 Intimacy and Relationships, Circles: Level 2, and Circles: Stop Abuse. Each level comes with a teacher guide, DVD’s, and wall graphs that assistance in the…

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  • The Importance Of Financial Education: Changing The Curriculum

    Changing the curriculum by making personal finance classes required, or a part of a required class, and incorporating more difficult topics are other possible ways for the continued improvement of personal finance classes. As seen in the wide variety of current curriculum standards across the United States, there is no formulated way that students are being taught and these ranges between the differences are quite wide. Some are more specific so their implementation may be easier for teachers…

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  • Religion In Public Schools Essay

    District and Teaching Religion in Public Schools: Review of Warren A. Nord, Does God Make a Difference? by Samuel Ayers and Shelly Reid and Walter Feinberg, respectively, explore the various arguments as to why mandating religion into public school curriculum in both elementary and secondary levels is beneficial to students. Samuel Ayers and Shelly Reid explore the effects of teaching religion in a public elementary schools in one Texas district. The article begins by delving into why religion…

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  • Problem Solving Approach In Mathematics Teaching

    In addition, it is observed that many curriculums or textbooks do not provide an adequate number of non-routine problems from which teachers can choose. This rather affects teachers’ use of problem solving approach in mathematics teaching since they mostly rely on the prescribed textbooks as their source of information (McIntosh, Jarret, & Peixotto, 2000). Such phenomenon is similar in most Ethiopian universities. Moreover, textbooks and assessments regimes used in the school and the time…

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