The Effect Of Technology On The Arts

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Research Question: How will technology implementation affect Arts curricula and the way the arts are created and approached?
Technology has been a very up and coming source used in all cases of everyday life. More and more, we are finding ways that technology can take the place of a tool or way of doing something. A concerning topic is whether or not switching over to so much technology is a good thing. There is becoming more technology put into the education curricula than ever before. Now so, it is moving into the Arts. As we incorporate technology into the arts programs and curricula, how is that going to affect the way the arts are created and established throughout school courses? What will technology do in regards to how we look at
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How will students learn to appreciate the way of how art used to be produced and created before we had this source of so much advancement available to us? Today, students are going to learn more on how to create a piece of work online or on a tablet instead of with the work and use of their hands. As stated in the article of Curriculum Revolution, students are expecting to receive an education with the technology they believe comes with the price of their education. As experienced students and always-producing artists are expecting a new way to create their work throughout the courses they are taking towards their education. Too many are not handling the materials the way they used to; and as a result are turning to technology as a tool of creation.
From my resources and research so far, I have found multiple views and points in regards to whether or not we should implement technology. A viewpoint that I feel very strongly about is that we are too concentrated on the fact that our artwork and creations have to be somewhat technology based now. We do not, in any way, have to depend upon technology in order to show contemporary art is created in an amazing way today. We can show that technology could quite actually be taking away aspects of art that make it
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The source explains the impacts that technology has on education. It also states ways in which technology can be progressive, cost/benefit measures and program budgeting. Measurable views such as productivity, performance, and accountability have concentrated on the thought that academic quality is nearly out-of-date. It also states that technology based resources could actually be more expensive to implement than beneficial.
My working thesis is that technology implementation could quite possibly cause more damage and harm than do us good in the long-term outlook. Many of the sources I have viewed direct towards this conclusion. Yet, I will continue to search and analyze otherwise to see how there could be an optimistic outcome with technology implementation.
Thus far, my research has been working on finding out whether or not implementing technology into the arts curriculum and elsewhere is going to be as effective as would an education be if minimal technology was implemented. Will the external world matter at all once we have created virtual worlds that do not suffer from these kinds of problems? Since reading the articles I have, my view on this issue has not changed. I still feel very strongly that we do not need to implement technology into the arts programs and curricula. I, as a future educator, want my students to be hands on with their pieces of

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