Theme of Hospitality Essay

  • The Themes Of Hospitality In Homer's 'Iliad'

    Hospitality was a law set by the gods which the Trojans and the Greeks followed strictly. Moreover, it was regarded as a tradition and custom in the Greek society. In Iliad, the author has used the theme of hospitality in various instances. For instance, Achilles portrays the aspect of hospitality by letting Priam give his son Hector some peace and a good Trojan funeral. Further, the Trojans show hospitality by allowing the Greeks to bury Patroclus and mourn his death for twelve years. Nevertheless, some characters in the narrative disobey this important custom. For example, Paris’ actions of stealing Helen from Menelaus and taking her to troy shows that he failed to follow the law of the gods. Further, Achilles actions of dragging Hector indicate that he did not observe the law of…

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  • Importance Of Hospitality In Greek Mythology

    Hospitality is Expected Not Suggested Throughout the many Ancient Greek tales written by Edith Hamilton in the book Mythology, the theme of hospitality, along with its rules, expectations, and customs, can be discovered. More specifically, when examining the theme of hospitality and its dependence on the interactions between host and guest, it is revealed that proper or expected hospitality is rewarded while improper or disrespected hospitality is punished. To further explain the importance…

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  • The Odyssey Hospitality Analysis

    readers can often find that one of the major themes in the reading is hospitality. Hospitality gives this work the essence of how in ancient times taking care and respecting the guest was important in the society. Most of the books in this epic covers this theme, beginning from the main characters to the ones that are not so relevant. Homer, the author of the book, considered that hospitality is important not only in ancient society for also for modern society, and even thought time goes, such…

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  • The Importance Of Xenia In The Odyssey

    Xenia in the Odyssey There are many themes in the book The Odyssey by Homer. Xenia, or hospitality is one of the largest, most prominent themes throughout the book. Xenia is displayed in many instances throughout the novel, and the importance of xenia is emphasized by the actions of it, but also the violation of it. Xenia is seen in the very first book of the novel when Athena inspires the prince. Prince Telemachus welcomes Athena into the home, by saying “Greetings, stranger! Here in our…

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  • Hospitality In The Odyssey Analysis

    Where is your indignation? Where is your shame?..." (Book II, 49-69). The example used shows how the suitors responded to the hospitality given to them at the house of Odysseus. In response to the suitor’s lengthy stay, Telemakhos states, "...if your hearts are capable of shame, leave my great hall, and take your dinner elsewhere, consume your own stores...If you choose to slaughter one man's livestock and pay nothing, this is rapine... I beg Zeus you shall get what you deserve: a slaughter…

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  • Loyality In The Odyssey In Homer's The Odyssey

    decade in the Trojan War and a decade trying to get home, back to Ithaca. Ithaca is is homeland and where he rules. This means Odysseus has not been home in twenty years, the people of Ithaca think that Odysseus is dead, except Penelope, his wife. Penelope shows loyalty to Odysseus by not taking one of the many suitors, while Odysseus shows loyalty to Penelope by not marrying Calypso. Although Penelope shows hospitality to these many suitors she never takes one to marry, she allows them to stay…

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  • The Idea Of Hospitality In Homer's The Odyssey

    In Homer’s great poem, The Odyssey, one of the central themes in the story is the idea of hospitality. Homer shows two sides to this theme, the side of the guests and how they treat their hosts, and the counter, hosts and how they treat their guests. Homer also shows various examples of these interactions, with differing ways in which the hosts and guests. Additionally, Homer shows multiple different outcomes for the hosts and/or guests. In the process, Homer is showing his perception on how the…

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  • The Role Of Food Drink, And Xenia In The Odyssey Essay

    would’ve survived without hospitality which also indicates that without hospitality the story would’ve shaped differently. It was because of hospitality that Odysseus was able to return home. When shipwrecked Odysseus was lost in the ocean and endangered, he was rescued by Nausicaa, the daughter of king Alcinous. In book VI, Nausicaa says, “‘You shall not lack clothing, nor anything needed … I can show you the way to my father’s house, where I promise you will meet the best of the Phaeacians’…

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  • Marriage And Death In The Myths Of Admetus And Eurydice

    traditions and rituals. Through Greek myths incorporating the themes of marriage and death, it is clear that The Greeks hold the belief that love is the most powerful force in the world. Even with the undeniable power of the universality of death, love still prevails. In the myths of Orpheus and Eurydice, Admetus and Alcestis, and Pyramus and Thisbe; the theme of love is shown time and time again to overcome the power of death. In the myth of Orpheus and Eurydice, Orpheus’ love for his wife…

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  • Hospitality Management In Hospitality Industry

    Traveling is a part of life. People spend a lot of money to travel worldwide. According to demand of the traveler, the hospitality industry has been striving to fulfill customer satisfaction and recognize their needs. To go along with that, Hospitality Management is the study field of the hospitality industry which covers hotel, restaurant, cruise ship, country clubs, convention centers, theme parks and other tourism managements. In the past, the hospitality business began with the Sumerians,…

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