Socialist Ideals Essay

  • The Pros And Cons Of Socialism In America

    “World Power”. The cons of socialism outweigh the pros and it will lead America to inevitable doom. Socialism is an interesting concept; one which many other countries have implemented into their government throughout the world. Socialists believe that the economy and society of their countries should be ran more openly while at the same time becoming more isolated with foreign. This would…

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  • Socialitarianism And Humanitarianism In Jean Renoir's The Crime Of Monsieur Lange

    judgment at the time? Throughout It was the War of the Trenches, Jacques Tardi portrays the various realities, situations, and decisions of the French soldiers fighting in World War I (WW1); forcing the readers to question the ideals of nationalism as opposed to ideals of humanitarianism. Whilst in The Crime of Monsieur Lange, Jean Renoir created controversy and uproar through his expression of socialist ideals that portrayed a better lifestyle for the collective working class to permitting…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of Socialist Society

    There have been many attempts to have a socialist society from countries all over the world. Looking at those governments abroad, we can see that a socialist society would lead to a undesirable living conditions. A true form of equality would not coerce citizens to pay a majority of their income to be distributed among others within a community. The principal of socialist equality of opportunity removes attempts to remove disadvantages that they are born into; therefore, individuals cannot…

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  • Social Socialism And Socialism

    The government is expected to provide the basic necessities of life for it’s people. A socialist democratic state allows for the majority of the wealth to be held by the mass while still allowing individual freedoms to coexist. Socialism is a political and economic theory of social organization that advocates that the means of production, distribution, and exchange should be owned or regulated by the community as a whole. Many western nations value individual freedoms while still demanding…

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  • Analysis Of Conscience By Louisa Thomas

    reveals the effects that war and a changing era have on faith, loyalty, and a person’s conscience. While the plot is told in relation to the life of Norman Thomas, a man who began the war as a minister and ended it as a socialist and pacifist, the other characters are integral in relaying the central themes. Throughout the book, the reader can follow Norman Thomas’ changing point of view, the fluidity of his conscience in action. He was brought up under the morals of his father, a Presbyterian…

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  • History Of Iguala Student Protests And Socialism In Mexico

    revolutionist socialist ideology seen during the Cuban Revolution. The subsequent massacre of the protesting students serves as a chilling reminder that socialism has not yet succeeded in the state. The corruption of the local government as well as recent Mexican history and experience created conditions in which revolutionary socialism often takes root, and led the students of Iguala to demand socialist reform. Though they were are not classified as leftist guerrilla fighters as the Cuban…

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  • Hugo Chavez And Bolivarianism

    The long and ongoing crisis in Venezuela has been one of the most tragic examples of government instability in recent history. It began when former socialist leader Hugo Chavez was elected president after leading two failed coup attempts acted out by the United Socialist Party of Venezuela (formerly the Fifth Republic Movement), his service as president spanning from 1999 to his death in 2013. He was succeeded by Nicolás Maduro, who took office in a rigged election and who many Venezuelans and…

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  • Importance Of Socialist Paternalism

    Many of us grew up with fathers or a father-like figure. Some good. Some bad. We loved them some days. We hated them other days. However, no matter whether or not they were a good father, the ideal father or father figure was able to provide for us as children. They housed us, fed us, clothed us, took care of us when we were sick, and helped us with our problems. Our fathers provided for us and, for the most part, knew what the best was for us in regards to care and other personal matters. The…

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  • Communism In The Zapatistas

    Russia or Maoism in China crop up and create new foes of democracy. Many of these socialist ideologies hold their appeal to groups in the Global south due to their high levels of poverty. Many of these people are stricken economically and find socialism as an escape from poverty as well as promise of security. Despite the democratic victory of the cold war, many socialist groups still exist today including: the Zapatistas, the Nepali Communists, and FARC. These groups, respectively from Mexico,…

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  • The Egalitarianism Of Gerald Cohen's Why Not Socialism

    about the pros about having a socialist system. Gerald Cohen starts off by talking about a camping trip that he uses as a metaphor for a socialist system. In this camping trip, everyone equally shares their goods (equally distributed) and everyone seems to be happy about it. No one is complaining about needing more than the other, or…

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