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  • Importance Of Traditions And Traditions

    In America, beliefs and traditions is what we have and it is also something we do. Most of us, all over the world, have a religion of some sort, whether if it is Christianity, Catholicism, Mormon, or even practice religion such as Buddhism and Hinduism. Religion is something we treasure because not only we believe in a leader that will guide us to have our brightest futures, but when we have it, nothing can take it away from us. We also value our religion because it is spiritual and intellectual on where it will lead us in life. It is valuable because once we have it; it is inseparable from life itself. Keeping traditions alive is important for teaching generations about a particular or even a shared past. Traditions can also be the same as beliefs or behaviors that are passed down from one generation to the next within an ethnicity group or society. Traditions are related to one’s nationality too. Some traditions are secular and celebrated amongst a wide range of diverse populations. Traditions such as holidays do not contradict evidence because they are all celebrated with a purpose. For example, Thanksgiving, the history of thanksgiving started in the year 1621, when the Plymouth colonists and the Wampanoag Indians shared an autumn harvest feast that is known as one of the first Thanksgiving celebrations to be celebrated by individual colonies and states. However, Thanksgiving wasn’t declared an actual holiday until 1863, when President Abe Lincoln proclaimed a national…

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  • The Importance Of Biblical Tradition And Apostolic Tradition

    THE102 One of the key aspects to the Catholic Religion and its teaching is the idea of Biblical tradition and its place within the society of the Church and its followers. The Role and importance of Biblical tradition and its relation to other traditions such as the Apostolic have been going on since the foundation of Christianity itself. Is role has been thought out in the minds of men, and in battlefields the world over. The Biblical tradition is a story, a story that is part of the far larger…

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  • Tradition And Tradition In The Lottery, By Ralph Ellison

    other workers. Similarly, in “The Lottery”, the village initially, seems calm. Yet, at the end, it is revealed that due to the long held tradition, a person, who has picked a paper with black dot would be stoned death as a form of sacrifice in order for the village to “prosper.” Both of the stories convey the importance of tradition. Along with tradition, arises the idea of conformity. Because human beings seek for comfort, they are prone to conform to tradition because it sets out repetitive…

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  • Tradition And Tradition In Shirley Jackson's The Lottery

    In “The Lottery” by Shirley Jackson present a story that describes the annual lottery that takes place in a small town in the summer. Since the town was founded the lottery has been a part of its tradition. The original purpose of the lottery was to ensure that the town has an exceptional harvest, but the reason has been lost in time. Now the town held its annual lottery just because it has been their “tradition”. The one who draws the black dotted paper from the black box become the winner,…

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  • Williams '' Tradition By William. Williams Tradition'

    Within his chapter on “Tradition,” Williams attempts to define tradition and appraise whether or not tradition is normative, sustainable (through the Holy Spirit) or corruptible. Williams starts by trying to define tradition, where he identifies several problems with defining tradition. In this chapter, he recognizes that it is difficult to define what tradition is because the church has relied both on the oral and written traditions when constructing scripture. However, the author identifies…

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  • Tradition, Tradition And Sisterhood In Everyday Use By Alice Walker

    Alice Walker is the author of many great works. Her short-story “Everyday Use” is a strong work based on the themes of heritage, tradition, and sisterhood. With this book, she shows the struggle of African-Americans within themselves. Heritage is the most important theme in this story. In the beginning paragraphs, readers learn that Mama and Maggie lived in a more rural area. Mama explains in the first paragraph that her front yard felt like an extension to her living-room, which means she took…

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  • The Importance Of Traditions

    What three items would YOU bring along if you were stranded on an unidentified piece of fertile land? Your grimy cell phone? An infinite supply of canned cream corn? I’ll tell you now that what I had initially brought were definitely top necessitates someone would need to bring, because I’m supposed to know that type of stuff. Passed down from a long lineage, my family has been known for being quite the outdoorsmen if I do say so myself; it is the cultured norm to care about those sorts of…

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  • Magisterium In Church Tradition

    Within Congar’s Meaning of Tradition, the role the Magisterium has in church tradition goes beyond simply making decisions about scripture. According to Congar the Magisterium is a pivotal part of Church tradition because they abide by the apostolic nature of church tradition. Although scripture is not necessary for tradition, passing down scripture and tradition like the church fathers is necessary to maintaining church tradition. The Catechism outlines the duties of the Magisterium, which is…

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  • Impact Of Filipino American Traditions

    Impact on schooling & education. As Filipino American’s are more likely to speak English, their successful access to and achievement within the U.S. education system is greater than that of Mexican American’s. Important Traditions Filipino American traditions. Many Filipino American traditions center on family and Catholicism such as Misa de Gallo (series of nine Christmas mass) and Noche Buena (grand family Christmas Eve dinner after midnight mass). Other traditions and cultural themes…

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  • Essay On Tradition And Style

    The concept of tradition and the was tradition is preserved comes into play among many other communities of potters. Tradition can be seen as a set of limitations on a potter or an opportunity for a manifestation of communal artistry. If one of the key characteristics defining an artist, is their agency over their creative decisions and a tradition that sets a guideline for how their pots should be made their agency could be said to be removed from the equation. Jon Muller argues that tradition…

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