Record Keeping/Student Records Essay

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  • Confidentiality And Privilege Essay

    2012). Simply, privilege is ordered by the court and in some criminal cases the law will be able to waive that confinement of rulings dependent of the location in the states. Privilege communication laws can be challenging with the laws and with the Ethical Codes of the APA. Another challenge is the privilege of having the psychologist permits the disclosure of statements to protect the victim of the patient. A third challenge is the release of information of the children. The treatment of children requires a number of parties to be involved (Knapp and VandeCreek, 2012). Comprehensive records are a challenge to keep in good standing with HIPPA standards. Keeping records of the patient’s diagnosis, test results, authorizations are what HIPPA requires, so keeping these types of records secures help in cases of possible psychotherapist abuse from patient (Knapp and VandeCreek, 2012). Record keeping could convey more challenges of writing the notes such as the potential of clients reading their information. If the client feels vulnerable, or provoked then it can appear, as the psychologist is heartless or thoughtless. For example, the legalities of a case where the HIPPA was violated and needed to be reviewed because of how close the patient was going to be followed.…

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  • Phonemic Awareness Assessment In Kindergarteners

    qualitatively for student motivation. In order to gain some insight of the effectiveness that phonemic awareness has on the reading development of kindergarteners, the researcher will look comparatively at assessments, as well as instructional interventions on letter-sound recognition, the onset of rimes, phonics, and the decoding of sounds, syllables, and words discussed in depth in the previous chapter of this proposal. The hypothesis…

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  • ACA Code Of Practice In A Church Based Practice

    For the assignment, I was intrigued Ethical Dilemma 3 and selected this scenario for my research. The scenario is about a licensed professional counselor named Dan who works in a church based practice. Dan doesn’t feel like it’s necessary to keep records of the counseling session that he conducted with his clients since the practice that he works for is church based. Dan believes that because he’s working with clients who are high functioning and records wouldn’t serve a purpose. Dan feels that…

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  • Public Safety: Emergency Procedures

    Safety Notebook 1. Emergency Procedures The security and welfare of students, faculty, and guests of Glendale Community College (GCC) is of major importance. The GCC Public Safety officers patrol our campuses 24/7, ensuring safe and secure learning atmosphere for students, staff, faculty and visitors. Public Safety officers also provide traffic control, safety hazard identification, employee training and orientation, and collaboration with the Glendale Police Department when needed. If an…

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  • School Management System Case Study

    1. Introduction A database is a collection of persistent data that is used by the application systems of a given enterprise. Fields, records, and files organize traditional databases. A field is a single piece of information; a record is one complete set of fields; and a file is a collection of records. To access information from a database, we need a database management system (DBMS). This is a collection of programs that enables the service providers and clients to enter, organize, and select…

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  • Advantages And Disadvantages Of ASQA

    Under ASQA’s new audit model, five main features of students’ experiences will be focused: • RTO marketing and recruitment: during students recruitment process RTO and its marketing personnel should not provide student service agents and students with misleading information and ensure they are authentic, honest and original. In this context prospective students should be receiving the information which reflect the RTO’s policies and procedures, required performance and behaviours that need to…

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  • Unit 012 Principles Of Assessment In Lifelong Learning Case Study

    Unit 012 Principles Of Assessment In Lifelong Learning. Introduction. When teaching it is necessary assess the progress of the learner. As such it is important that the student understands the criteria against which they will be assessed and important for the teacher to use different methods of assessment and keep accurate records to track the progress of the student. Different Types Of Assessment. There are three main types of assessment and each has their place. An initial…

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  • Six Assessment Methods Essay

    assessment helps to know the students’ progress and performance. For instance, discussions, peer and self assessment, quizzes, role plays, worksheets and practical activities to mention a few. a. Survey/observation is an informal method of collecting data on student opinion, attitudes and/or confidence in understanding of the topic. The data can be gathered during class or outside class. b. Activities-individual and/or small groups- students require…

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  • Persuasive Essay On High School Attendance

    Apparently, that could be harder than one thinks. Attendance records throughout elementary and high school follow one in college, but keeping those records seem to be difficult for college students. Students in college either become more relaxed or they become more uptight with their attendance. Showing up to classes each day is not a priority for some students. Attendance policies at the college level should not be strictly enforced because everyday attendance is not necessary for all students,…

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  • The Importance Of Procedural Safeguards In The Special Education Process

    personnel arrive at their own solution to the disagreement,” (Yell, p. 300). The due process hearing is conducted when the parents and the school are at odds about the student’s special education. The hearing employs an impartial party to hear both sides of the issue, and then determine the resolution for the dispute. “Parents may request a due process hearing to contest a school’s identification, evaluation, educational placement or provision of FAPE,” (Yell, p. 301). In a due process hearing,…

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