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  • Community Homebase Prevention Program

    Once a family is looking into emergency assistance, the Home Base Program will investigate their claim and determine eligibility for shelter placement. If the family is eligible for other housing options, they will not get placed into one of their shelters immediately, as they are not priority at the time. A key point to emphasize to families is that entering a shelter does not guarantee them a stable apartment. They must still do their part to continue searching for a permanent home, and stable income. Subsidy programs in the city are available and families can remain in shelters for a long period of time. Those who don’t qualify for subsidy must also pay their own rent. According to an analysis study, “Home Base CP reduced the average number of nights in shelter per treatment group family by an estimated 22.6 nights. In addition, it reduced the percentage of families who spent at least one night in shelter from 14.5% to 8.0% and the percentage that applied for shelter from 18.2% to 9.3%.”. (Evaluation of Community Homebase Prevention Program, 2013) The effects of the outreach of this program have shown an improvement in overall length of stay at the shelters. The National Coalition for the Homeless has been working for over three decades, to defend the right to shelter and develop strategies to put homelessness to an end. The coalition is readily available throughout the city with a walk-in basis, and provides case managers for those who are in the merge of homelessness.…

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  • Community Garden Program Essay

    The purpose of this paper is to argue for the implementation of an organized community garden program at UC Santa Barbara by first establishing the potential effectiveness of horticulture at advancing access to fresh food and promoting personal wellbeing among the student population. In doing so, this paper will examine several key question regarding the benefits of agricultural production on campus and its feasibility. First, how much food could be grown on campus and how does this compare to…

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  • Community-Control Theory And Community Control Programs

    Community-Control Programs as Part of Deterrence The use of deterrence theory has also been applied to community-control programs, specifically during the reform of the correctional system that involved the abandonment of rehabilitation (Cullen & Jonson, 2017). The movement gained support from both conservatives and liberals for its ability to be both tough on offenders but also limit the number of people sent to prisons, which provided cost-savings (Cullen & Jonson, 2017). Community-control…

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  • Community Based Programs: National Night Out

    Community Based Programs Community based programs allows the police department not to only get involved with the community, but also allows police department to develop a relationship with the community. Since, the City of Palos Verdes Estates has a lot of senior citizen residents and that number is on the rise PVEPD created a program for the senior citizens. This program is called C.A.R.E.S program, which has only been in effect for about 3 years now. C.A.R.E.S. C.A.R.E.S program allows the…

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  • My Personal Experiences With The Community Alternatives Program

    and execute programs to help people access the healthcare they need, while simultaneously acknowledging and respecting their language, culture, history and ideas. As a Community HealthCorps Member at Cherry Health, Michigan’s largest Federally Qualified Health Center, I was given the chance to put these ideals into practice by serving both low income clients and recent parolees. I initially began my service year doing care coordination. As I continued to learn about the services at Cherry…

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  • Mission Of The NURSE Corps Scholarship Program In Providing Care To Underserved Communities

    contribute to the mission of the NURSE Corps Scholarship Program in providing care to underserved communities? Health illiteracy and lack of healthcare access in low income areas are well documented by my studies. This population is also known to have many comorbidities and a shortage of primary care providers. I want to make a difference in low income communities because they are underserved and improvised. Therefore, my contribution begins with furthering my education at Emory University. At…

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  • Three Current Methodologies Of Community Relations In Policing Case Study

    Current Methodologies of Community Relations in Policing Angela White Cerro Coso Community College Three Current Methodologies of Community Relations in Policing During police duty, officers interact with communities in different ways. Communities rely on police to maintain order and take action during emergencies. The cops also rely on communities to stop crime by providing them with the necessary information and addressing community concerns. The primary purpose of choosing this…

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  • Advantages Of Community Corrections

    Community corrections play a major role in the U.S. criminal justice system; and it attempts to provide an alternative to institutional corrections, which is mutually more beneficial to the State, the offender, his family, as well as the community. Its mission is to deliver services that contribute to safer communities all while reducing the hassles that the families’ of the offender, the State (in form of considerable expenditures associated), as well as the community face due to institutional…

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  • Implementing Needs Assessment In The Jane And Finch Community

    Implementing Needs Assessment (First Four) 1) Needs for the program To determine whether a program or intervention will be of use to the Jane and Finch community, we must figure out whether the community members’ most important needs and address them within the program or intervention. The first step is to have a survey and questionnaire for community members to express their concerns and what they would like to see to be implemented for their community. Then we could interview certain key…

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  • Essay On Community Based Afterschool

    This is why community is crucial for them as it is the closest thing they have to their homeland, especially for the immigrant youths who are in a constant battle in adapting to the American lifestyle while still trying to maintain their roots. There are a number of programs that could provide the sense of belonging for these immigrants, and a community-based after-school program is one of them. Although community-based after-school programs have caused racial tensions and segregation among…

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