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  • Analysis Of Mirror, Mirror Exhibition

    Mirror, Mirror exhibition is a great idea for artists to showcase their work to the great city of York. Laure Drogoul, a Baltimore artist, had an open call for artists to represent themselves to the viewers and illustrate how artists saw themselves. The Marketview Arts allows an opportunity by having different exhibits throughout the year, so that regional artists can have their work seen by the public. Works in the gallery were chosen from the Philadelphia Sculptors organization. Mirror, Mirror exhibition is an excellent art exhibition that aspiring artists should see, so that they can showcase their work in the gallery. Laure Drogoul is interdisciplinary artist and performer who resides in Baltimore, Maryland. She works in a widespread range…

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  • The Mirror: A Reflection Of A Child's Image In The Mirror

    The mirror is a reflection of oneself; but, in a sense, it can reflect more than just one person. In one’s appearance—his clothes, his posture, his emotion— we see the opinions of society and their effect on a life. As gender is performative, in a mirror we not only see the actor, but also the audience. In Jacques Lacan’s essay regarding the “mirror stage,” it can be seen that the image in the mirror reflects the socialized I, a perception of identity crafted by society standards. Lacan, in…

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  • Personal Essay: Mirror, Mirror On The Wall

    Mirror, mirror, on the wall. Who is the fairest of them all? Day in and day out, I would ponder and contemplate this question. I would stand in the mirror, my reflection glaring back at me. I scoured every inch of my face, doting on big pores or an oily patch. I was consciously aware of my stance, my face, and the way I looked at each given moment. Instead of pondering the meaning of life, I was busy pondering the importance of a skinny face, big eyes, slim nose, and pouty lips. I didn’t…

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  • Sylvia Plath's Reflection Of The Mirror In The Heart Of The Mirror

    reader something interesting because silver is something that we all picture the moon. The moon reflects the sun and the mirror reflects everything. The mirror also tells us that it has no before thoughts of what happens. In the second and third lines the mirror tells us “Whatever I see I swallow immediately just as it is, unmisted by love or dislike.” What this means is that the mirror will take what it gets immediately and show it back exactly how it is, it will not show you something…

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  • The Importance Of Looking In The Mirror

    Looking in the mirror can often lead to many hateful, or very horrible thoughts about how someone may feel they look. A lot of the time as a college student, they are surrounded by people that are way more attractive in their opinion, or way smarter. No one else 's opinion should matter, everyone was created differently. Different sizes, looks, personalities, all of it is different. So next time they look in the mirror, they should remind themselves that they were made to be themselves and no…

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  • Analysis Of Distant Mirrors

    When living in our day to day culture and environment we tend to not look at the way we operate as a society. We also take an ethnocentric point of view when looking at another cultures day to day operations. The book, “Distant Mirrors: America as a Foreign Culture by Phillip R. DeVita & James D. Armstrong” is a compilation of essays written by anthropologists that ask questions about American cultures and values. It is important to have a grasp on the values and beliefs of your own culture as…

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  • Mirror Neuron Reflection

    Laneicea Hughes Psychology 102-011 Psych Paper 1 22 September, 2017 Reflections on Mirror Neurons Mirroring neurons has been closely observed in the primate species, some which are mammals in the group based on morphological traits. These traits are based on the behavioral traits, geographical distribution, and the deoxyribonucleic acid. The author's main point is that mirroring neurons allows humans and animals to act and observes actions performed by another. The…

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  • Black Mirror Analysis

    Black Mirror is a British television series that examines a variety of issues that face contemporary society, usually involving the implications of new technologies. Created by Charlie Brooker, this celebrated fiction series illuminates the darker, often chaotic side of evolving media and human knowledge. Using an assortment of satirical themes and motifs, this show fascinates audiences by conveying a sense of anxiousness that is felt by the fluctuating nature of modern society and its…

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  • Flowers In The Mirror Analysis

    Throughout the timeline of this world, literary work has and will always be popular; though the form of which these works are being done might change, nonetheless relevant in every time period. In the Chinese culture, most writings touch base on what is happening in the imagination whelms of most and issues that are present at the time of such works. In Flowers in the Mirror, Li Ruzhen rings the bell on the treatment of women in China. I will analyze the rights of women according to Ruzhen, the…

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  • A Different Mirror Analysis

    Is there only one way to recount history? According to the countless classes, textbooks, and aisles upon aisles of nonfiction - no. Evidently, history is in the eyes of the beholder. A Different Mirror by Ronald Takaki and Stories from American History by Myrtis Mixon are two such texts that show how the same history can be recounted in different manners. A common subject found between the two texts A Different Mirror and Stories from American History is that of Spanish exploration and…

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