Reign of Terror Essay

  • Reign Of Terror Analysis

    Part One The National Convention was the governing body of France from September 21, 1792 to October 26, 1795. Many events pushed the National Convention towards the Reign of Terror, a time of violence and executions during the French Revolution. A few of the reasons were; the execution of their king, Louis XVI, in 1792, the food shortage because of bad harvests, and the ongoing threat of invasion from the rest of the European countries. These events pushed the National Convention to give the Committee of Public Safety more power in order to carry out the Reign of Terror. Robespierre wrote about the king 's trial, saying, “As for Louis, I ask that the National Convention declare him, from this moment on, a traitor to the French Nation, a…

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  • The Importance Of The Reign Of Terror

    The period of 1792 to 1795, or commonly regarded as the ‘Reign of Terror’ served as a vital turning point for the French Revolution and effectively, the future of France. This period of time was distinguished by the fall of monarchy and the creation of the National Convention. Additionally. the Reign of Terror demonstrated more brutal punishments for counter revolutionaries and foreign enemies, in the hunt for freedom and liberty by French revolutionaries. The events that would take place under…

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  • Consequences Of The Reign Of Terror

    The French Revolution turned into the Reign of Terror. Under the leadership of Maximillian Robespierre, a new way of life for citizens living in France was being created. However, the only way to control the citizens to adapt to the new way to act and behave in society was through violence. Any individual who started to speak or act bad against the current government, was considered a rebel and would need to be punished. The guillotine was put and used to kill innocent people and set an…

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  • Reasons For The Reign Of Terror

    The ‘Reign of Terror’ (5th September 1793 - 28th July 1794) or simply known as ‘The Terror’ was altogether unjustified in the context of its creation and within history. The Terror, led by Maximilien Robespierre and the Committee for Public Safety, was used in an effort to consolidate radical views spreading throughout the country at the time by passing legislation allowing for supposed ‘enemies of the revolution’ to be executed without legal assistance. The Terror also allowed for progressive…

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  • Reign Of Terror Justified

    The Reign of Terror: Was it Justified? A kitten desperately howls as her assertive owner restricts her wish to roam the danger filled streets. In the eyes of the naive kitten, the owner’s consideration for her safety is perceived as nothing but an unjust limitation to her individual freedom. Robespierre’s duty as the ruler is similar to the one of a pet owner. The kitten, who represents the French counterrevolutionists, cluelessly whines against the owner because she does not know what is best…

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  • The Reign Of Terror DBQ

    There was extreme unnecessary violence that occurred during 1793 and 1794 that affected roughly 20,000 to 40,000 people that were killed by the guillotine during The Reign of Terror, including King Louis XVI, Marie Antoinette(King 's Wife), and even Robespierre. The government used extreme ways to achieve its ends, in which many ways were wrong and cruel. In fact, The Reign of Terror was not justified because: The methods of the disaster were too extreme, the peasants and lower class citizens…

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  • Reign Of Terror Essay

    The French Revolution’s ‘Reign of Terror’ was unjustified in both the context in which it was created and in retrospect. The reign of terror was used by Maximilien Robespierre to consolidate his own power and influence in the country and provided no productive solutions to many major underlying socio-economic issues. It also led to the ultimate downfall of everything the French Revolution stood for as a result of the thousands of wrongful public executions and convictions. Maximilien…

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  • Causes Of The Reign Of Terror

    inexcusable? The Reign of Terror was a period in which the innocent people of France could be executed for having a controversial opinion from a government that prided itself on the natural rights it was offering these people. Murdering half a million to save a government structure that is supposed to be dependent on the people cannot be excused as a mere sacrifice to save the revolution. The revolutionary government that was presiding over France was going against the very ideals it stood for…

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  • Was The Reign Of Terror Justified?

    Was The Reign Of Terror Justified? From 1789 to 1800 a time of revolution took place in France to end monarchy and finally give more power to the people. During the revolution, an era of revolts and many deaths, but also new ideas and extraordinary steps to a much needed government, the era of the Reign of Terror. The bloodiest time in the French Revolution, lead by many people such as Robespierre, an educated man that spoke on the behalf of the people and spread ideas and actions for a better…

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  • Was The Reign Of Terror Justified

    Ali McCowin Mr. Picazo History, Per. 5 6 January 2016 Was the Reign of Terror Justified? The Reign of Terror was a significant time in the French Revolution impacting the nation and killing many individuals. The Reign of Terror lasted less than two years. During that time, the Revolution was in extreme debt, due to wars. To solve the financial crisis, they created the Declaration of Rights of Man and Citizen which ensured liberty, equality, and fraternity. However, Austria and Prussia were…

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