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  • ASL 4 Class Reflection

    Alabama. Because of this, truly interact with the Deaf person was a difficult task. Though rest of us were hearing, we signed throughout the whole event. A couple of my classmates were also at this event. During the event, we conversated about our ASL 4 class and what we had left to do for the class. I saw this as an opportunity to practice Week 6’s assignment with my classmates. We took turns signing facts and giving each other advise about how to better our signed facts. After practicing with…

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  • Domain 4 Assignment Analysis

    at American Language Institution at least 83 hours and in every new lesson I had to create a lesson plan which demonstrated a way of student’s assessment too. I have chosen one of them to be as an example of component 4.a issues of Assessment for ESL; and to represent the element 4. A.1. purpose of assessment: demonstrate an understanding of the purposes of assessment as they relate to ELLs and use results appropriately. Teachers need to prepare their lessons carefully and spend more time…

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  • Assignment 040 Unit 4

    Name: Morad Hijazin Course Number: ECON 5F70 040, Semester: Summer 2016 Assignment Name: Unit 4 Application Application: Explain why monopolistic competitors earn only a normal profit in the long run. Provide an industry example to illustrate your explanation. As we know in the monopolistic competitors the firms are price makers, we are talking about big businesses that control the whole market, and the barriers to enter their industries are very difficult. Now the firms in long-run at the…

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  • 4, 2-Dibromoanthracene Analysis

    (2.00 g, 6.46 mmol) 1, bis(pinacolato)diboron (4.16 g, 16.16 mmol), PdCl2 (dppf) (0.164 g, 26.38 mmol), and potassium acetate (KOAc) (2.5 g, 26.38 mmol) were added to a Schlenk flask and kept under vacuum for 10 min. Under an argon flow, anhydrous 1, 4‐dioxane (40 mL) was added to the resulting mixture, and the mixture was stirred at room temperature for 30 min, heated at 80 °C, and further stirred for 20 h. The resulting mixture was quenched by adding water and extracted with ethyl acetate (100…

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  • Sony Playstation 4 (Ps4)

    PlayStation 4 (PS4) (Kharpal, 2016). Profit margins have gone from -3.62 percent in 2011 to 1.82 in March 2016. There is a direct correlation between increased spending and increased revenues. Compared to other market segments of competitors, Sony is far behind their rivals. The company is profitable, but is losing market share of the smartphone devices to Samsung and Apple (Sebastian, 2014). Sony’s smartphones have declined, but are still profitable for the company. The PlayStation 4 (PS4)…

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  • Assignment 4: Personal Interview

    CHAPETR 4 In conducting some of my interviews I wanted to find out why a person hasn’t tried to apply for a new and better paying position. So I interviewed five people then I also did to interviews for a better position to see the results. Mary has been working with my company for 25 years. When she originally started she only had to clean one hallway on her own. Then then all of the other Environmental Service Techs would come together to do all the discharges. They got everything on time and…

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  • Evil Santa 4 Analysis

    A film producer, who doesn’t believe in Christmas, is determined to make the horror film Evil Santa 4, but things go horribly wrong when the real Santa Claus accidentally lands the role. STORY COMMENTS SANTA IN HOLLYWOOD is a family friendly, holiday magical fantasy filled with imagination. The concept is very clever. “Saving Christmas” movies are not new or original to holiday films, but the concept of the real Santa landing a Hollywood role of Evil Santa in a horror film offers a fun twist…

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  • Hamlet Act 4 Analysis

    Summary of Act IV Act 4 begins right after hamlet exits, dragging Polonius body, we see Claudius asking Gertrude to explain what happened she tells him about Hamlet’s accidental killing of Polonius and Claudius realizes that he could have been killed. Claudius asks where Hamlet has gone and Gertrude says that he has taken the body away. The king orders Rosencrantz and Guildenstern to find Hamlet and discover where he has taken Polonius Corpse. Rosencrantz and Guildenstern finds Hamlet and…

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  • Act 4 Apparition In Macbeth

    actions, thoughts, and normally leads to evil ways. Macbeth talks about a lot of supernatural elements in the story. There are several critical supernatural elements in Act 4, such as the apparitions which talk to Macbeth about his future. Generally, the four apparitions talk about Macbeth’s destruction of his future. In Act 4, the four apparitions affect Macbeth’s reaction and response. The first apparition is a head with a helmet on it. This apparition gives a warning to Macbeth to beware of…

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  • Module 1-4 Analysis

    we take as granted today were all developed when time goes by with adequate urban planning. In module 1-4, the course director Lewis Code showed us the historical growth and development of urban places so we can better understand the reason behind of all these changes around the cities over years. For the rest of this essay, I will analyze the four important concepts I have learned in module 1-4 and link the discussions with the impact of technology on urban places. The four concepts are:…

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