Stereotypes In The Advertising Industry

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In this essay I will be talking about I will be talking about how the advertising industry has changed over the last 50 years. But I will first introduce two key concepts which will be mentioned in this essay. The first key concept which I will introduce is representation. Representation is when something or someone is shown in a specific way. The second key concept is stereotyping. Stereotyping is when someone or something is labelled on their: beliefs, actions and looks. To show how the advertising industry has changed I will be using four adverts with a decade difference which will allow me to show the different representations and stereotypes. For example the adverts which I will be using to show how the advertising industry has changed …show more content…
In this advert a male actor is behind the product which is the chef and behind him is a female actor who is clinging to. The female is wearing a black dress and a chef’s hat, while her nails are red. The male is wearing a suit. The text next to the male says “The Chef does everything but cook that’s what wives are for!” In front of the product, which is called the chef is a cup of juice and some food which represents it as a kitchen. The key message of this advert is too sell the product, which is the chef, to what seems like men. I know this because the wife seems to thank her husband for getting the chef as a present. This key message also creates a representation that men are normally in charge of financial jobs and other typically manly jobs which need physical help and mental help. This representation is shown by how the man is the only one who is wearing a business suite, while his wife is wearing a typical house wives clothes. This representation is also created by how the man’s face seems to reflect that he is tired and that he does rougher work. This is also enforced by the stereotype which is that men are typically more intelligent and stronger. This also enforces the stereotype which was created before world war one that men should do harder jobs because women are more delicate and does best at house work or work best as domestic servants. However this also creates the opposite representation which is that men are less bright than women. This representation is created by how the man seems to be tired, while the woman in this advert seems to be glowing creating the representation that woman have more energy. This representation is enforced by the stereotype which is that most women can multi task better than men. This means that multi tasking need skill and intelligence. On the other hand the woman’s body language, which is that she, is clinging to the

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