Essay On Commercial Advertisements

Examining Commercial Advertising
Advertisements are everywhere we go and almost on everything we know. Yet advertisements portray men and women very differently. They also affect men and women more than some people realize. The films, Miss Representation, Killing Us Softly 4, and Tough Guise 2 really thoroughly discussed the problems and effects of advertisements for both men and women. Advertisements can portray women as sexual objects with ideals of beauty, and men as powerful. These portrayals tend to make people want to achieve them and therefore people tend to forget what is really important. They end up affecting people’s mind, health and overall well-being. According to the documentary Miss Representation, “a lot of advertisement is
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We need to tell younger generations to be more aware of these subtle messages in the advertisement that we see everywhere. Since the effect can be subconscious, being aware and recognizing the danger is important in order to not experience the negative side effects. Educating yourself and others on the effects advertisements have had on people is very important to realizing the dangers. I also feel like more people need to take a stance to stop this emphasis on things like the “perfect body,” over sexualizing women or over masculinity. There needs to be more positive messages, that portray real people who are the majority of the population. There needs to be more self-love, and advertisement should not be trying to tear people down in order to make more money. Inspiring women and men and making them feel comfortable with themselves and their natural attributes can also be a selling point for advertisement. There needs to be less judgment an idealization and more self-love. This starts with all consumers, people like myself, to speak out when advertisement clearly shows these damaging views. I will be more vocal about the messages that are being spread to advertisements and use my voice to try to spread more

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