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  • Video Games Are Good For People?

    There are sum people that belive videogames don’t benefit people. In the beginning of videogames people said that video games can distort a child view of reality, and it could lead the child to kill people and live irresponsibly. But today the biggest argument against videogames is that hurts the child ability to socilze with other people. Many parents say that a children who mostly only interact with their friends online, have social problems. They say that…

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  • Personal Narrative: How Video Games Changed The World

    Video Games changed the World Too this day, I hear my dad tell me stories about how he used to play Pong all of the time as a kid. Now, imagining playing that game blows my mind. Many people do not know what the actual definition of video gaming is. Video gaming is an electronic game played by means of images on a video screen and often emphasizing fast action. The video game world today has drastically evolved from what it used to be. Games have evolved from little balls that went up and down,…

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  • Personal Narrative: Summer Break

    cousins and I spend time together, whether it be playing xbox, cooking, or going to the park. It was getting close to the end of my summer when I was able to go over to my cousin’s house. I had barely seen them so I was looking forward to going. When I went we played overwatch on the computers, fallout 4 on the xbox, and played outdoors. The second day I was …

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  • The Informative Essay: The Role Of Psychology In Science

    within the world of psychology. Whether it’s from Child Psychology to Adult Development and Aging or from Military Psychology to Rehabilitation Psychology, there seems to be a study of the mind for almost anything and everything that we do in our lives. These divisions, along with 50 other subfields of psychology, branch out and interconnect with the other disciplines creating a network that sources from psychology’s hub of science. Even though many argue that psychology should even be…

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  • Grand Theft Auto V Game Analysis

    In this article I will be talking about Grand Theft Auto V (GTA-V), I will talk about the different gameplay mechanics that are found in the game which might include: rules or aims objectives, player interaction to the game and also feedback, challenges that could be found in the game, risks and rewards that the game provides. Also I will mention the narrative of the game, which will include the description of the characters that could be played, the story which the game is based on, and…

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  • Technology Dependence

    we will be performing a series of skits to portray scenes that many people have experienced before, but never realized how it is truly making people lazy. As we set up for the next skit, watch this short video from It Came From the Web, on what our lives would be like without technology (Funny). Transition into Body of Presentation: During the second skit, the grandpa will be trying to get into the house, while the kids and parents are watching television and their phones. When the grandpa…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Experience At The William George Agency

    to escape the nightmares they once lived with back home and a great opportunity for them to change their lives around for a better future. Living areas allow the juveniles to feel like they are more at home than living in a prison. Students are provided with a common area to hang out with each other, gyms to workout in, a driving range, a rock climbing wall, a heated indoor pool, and an Xbox to play with. Living there is the closest thing to paradise in my head for the juveniles and everything…

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  • Electronic Consumer Behavior Analysis

    According to Consumer Electronic Association, (How Addiction to Electronics Affects the Environment & Our Lives. (n.d.). Retrieved February 01, 2016, from the average household spends about $1,380.00 a year on these new devices. When you stop and think about it, what could you actually do…

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  • The Importance Of Consequences In My Life

    get somewhat annoyed that people were over, but after all I was rather bored. After hanging up the phone it occurred to me that I just bought a new video game from the store. It was so new, that I had not even gotten the chance to dowload it on my Xbox. Within moments of forcing the disc into the slot there was a knock on the door and my usual, gloomy face instantly turned to a smile. I bolted downstairs and ran to greet my peers at the door. I was excited that they were at my…

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  • Video Games: A Psychological Analysis

    Small console games on platforms such as Xbox Live Arcade or Windows can also be developed in C#, Java, or VB. iOS games for Apple products, such as iPhone, iPad, or iPod, are usually programmed…

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