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  • Interpretation Of My Papa's Waltz By Roethke

    ideas that can be visualized. He uses certain words that are playful while also using words that have a clearly negative connotation to tell this story between a father and son. Other times, there is ambiguity in the phrases he chooses. Even the rhythm of the poem can have different meanings to different people. It all depends on which words stand out to the reader. One way the poem can be read, is positively. Words such as romped and waltzing. The word romped gives the imagery of happy dancing…

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  • The Republic Of Plato's Allegory Of The Cave

    the word has a meaning beyond that which is conventional. Here, the italicized “is” denotes the world outside of the cave, the world of philosophy. However, this interpretation could only have been reached with the use of italics; otherwise, the reader would have overlooked the word and not seen the meaning behind it, which is a crucial point in the allegory. Therefore, this detail improves the reader’s understanding of Plato’s argument by revealing that there is an extra layer to his words, and…

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  • To Kill A Mockingbird Human Inequality Analysis

    The problem of human inequality and the divisions within human society is a big part of the novel “To Kill a Mockingbird” and it is still part of our society today. An example of this problem is the trial of Tom Robinson, Walter Cunningham Jr. being treated differently because of who he is, and the discrimination against black people. Our society is still dealing with this situation…

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  • English Language Rule

    The most common perception of using loan words is that they make our writing eloquent. They are also regarded as prestigious, grand and even associated with the language of sophisticated people to display their broad range of vocabulary. Yet, George Orwell criticizes and opposes the use of Latinate words with the belief that they are the root of bad habits in written English. This paper delves into Orwell's problem, the diverse responses it provoked, the set of six rules proposed, their…

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  • Essay On Connotation And Denotation

    Denotation and Connotation Connotation and Denotation are the two principal methods of describing the meanings of words. While denotation describes the precise and literal definition of a word that would be found in the dictionary, connotation refers to the wide range of interchanging associations that most words carry with them. To use these two variances incorrectly can be a very negative thing, and could induce many damaging consequences. “The New York Times has a Communism fetish” (The…

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  • Arawan Luchuan Language Analysis

    Linguistic Evidentiality in Arawan, Luchuan, and Livonian An often overlooked yet fascinating aspect of the plethora of languages spoken throughout the planet, is the information they require their speakers to provide whenever describing something. For example, in the English language, there are many nouns to describe humans that do not differentiate between male and female, like friend. However, in Spanish, if one wants to refer to someone they consider a friend, it is necessary to use either…

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  • How Is Equality Revealed In Ayn Rand's Anthem

    All these uses of repetition are very important because they either make the sentence have multiple meanings, or serve as a clue that this is important based on how many times it’s repeated and helps us understand his ideas. For example, the word “we” is constantly repeated until he discovers “I.” And to prove this, the whole book is wrapped around 2 ideas- individualism and egoism. Equality transformed from a confused kid into a man who has strong morals and ideas. While I may not agree with…

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  • Mini Lesson: Observation In The Classroom

    Mini Lesson (10:00): (Supportive Reading) [Introduction] 1. Call students over to the by table groups: (Example: Boys and girls can I have Jacks table stand up and push their chair in? Students would say: “Stand up and push my chair in” three times as they are standing up from their seat and pushing their chairs in. Students would then stand being their chair. Okay, Jack’s group, go ahead and use your marshmallow toes and quietly come over to the rug and find your spot (Students spots are…

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  • The Last Speaker David Harrison Analysis

    say the word “go.” He was expecting a simple translation but soon realized that the word was more complicated. Tuvans associate direction with…

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  • Code Switching Case Study

    find a word or even a saying in Mandarin that has the accurate meaning of what I am trying to say in English and vice versa. I did some survey among my friends in Taiwan who also code-switch (a lot of them are American missionaries living in Taiwan for a long time or just people who have learned English since they were really young) and the following are the reasons I believe why people code-switch. (1) Specificity. Sometimes it’s hard to find a…

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