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  • Emma Goldman's Patriotism: A Menace To Liberty

    A political activist named Emma Goldman produced a speech in 1908 called “Patriotism: A Menace to Liberty” within it she analyzes what patriotism actually means. Inside the speech an important quote in which she alludes to America becoming the most powerful nation in the world, and eventually planting her iron foot on the necks of all other nations (Voices of A People’s History pg. 271 ). In the essay to follow I will analyze, and explain the meaning behind this. I will also take a deeper look…

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  • How Did Bob Dylan Influence The Civil Rights Movement

    Dylan begun listening to Little Richard ( a rock ‘n’ roll artist from the late 50’s early 60’s) and imitating him while he was a teenager. (source 1) This is one of the places where he got his inspiration to become a singer-songwriter including Woody Guthrie, who was his Idol, Elvis Presley and Jerry Lee Lewis who were his…

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  • Comparing Brian Turner's 16 Iraqi Policemen And Autopsy

    were apart of it. The reader is able to make a connection to the poem 16 Iraqi Policemen in the first couple stanzas of the poem of Autopsy. For instance, the doctor that is about to perform the autopsy turns on a song Black Wind Blowing, by Woody Guthrie. The line that Turner picks out is interesting “there’s a long black cloud hanging in the sky, honey” as if he is referencing the explosion, and the dark cloud of death that came through taking sixteen…

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  • Classical Music Vs Renaissance Music

    Just like most things in life, music has developed drastically since the earliest centuries. Meaning, messages, and purpose all transformed or shifted for as long as music has existed. Different styles have developed resulting to the creation of new genres or at least a new style of that genre. Many of the most popular artists deviated from the usual, creating unique music which successfully appealed to people. The research of musical development is imperative to one who’s intentions are to…

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  • Red Scare Essay

    Whether it is realized or not, music is a very prevalent tool in the American society. From commercial jingles to songs about love, music can be used to mirror the ideals of a culture and provide insight to specific, recurring themes throughout history. “…Comparative musicology, which is the study of musical styles and systems from different societies, an integral part of general musicology; and musical anthropology, the study of the role music plays in human societies, an integral part of…

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  • How Did The Weather Cause The Dust Bowl

    The U.S. had major problems in the 1930’s and 40’s.Weather is what caused the dust bowl. Farmers had major struggles from the dry weather and dust storms.“Farmers and landholders in the Great Plains had to migrate in the 1930s during a period of drought, irregular rain, and erosion.”"Sander"All farming was ruined because of the weather farmers couldn't grow crops and the topsoil was ruined.They moved west to California where conditions would be better and tried to restart there.Weather was so…

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  • Informative Essay On Norman Rockwell

    Norman Rockwell (1946-1959) The illustrations of Norman Rockwell tell the story of the average American after World War Two. As a result of the Baby Boom, the families were very large, consisting of three to four children (Slide 2). The bigger families led to more chaos and craziness within the household. The mother could finally catch a break once the school bus came to pick up the children (Slide 18). Rockwell also shows that this era was a time of dating and dreaming about finding the right…

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  • How Did The New Deal Affect The Economy Of The 1930s

    1930s is a tough decade for America. The Black Tuesday in 1929 and the bank failure hit American economy, that lead U.S. to the Great Depression. People suffer under poverty. Also, this is the first time government try to create a large number of jobs to help people. The most important event shaped 1930s are Great Depression, New Deal program, and the entertainment during 1930s. The stock crash in 1929 seems marked the end of the roaring twenties. Thousands of people lost their working capital.…

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  • Why Is Racial Gerrymandering Important In America?

    The institution of America founded, created and shaped into a place riddled with racism that has impacted and instilled every aspect of America with racism. People felt a huge victory against racism after the abolition of slavery, which is typically seen as the first milestone. But in all actuality, the notion of racism was taught over and over to each generation, affecting today’s society. America finds itself trying to hurdle implicit bias, racism, and problems with the law enforcement. Today…

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