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  • Woodwind Instrument Research Paper

    What is a woodwind instrument? The woodwind instruments are instruments that produce sound as a result of air flowing through them. Instruments that belong to this family include the oboe, clarinet, saxophone, bassoon and flute. While all of the other instruments mentioned are actually classified as reed instruments because that is the way that the air flows through them, the flute is an instrument that makes its sound from air being blown across an opening. The openings are closed or kept open depending on the notes that the flute player would like to produce. The flute is easily one of the most difficult instruments to master, but it is also one of the most beautiful sounding instruments as it is often used to signify light and joy in music.…

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  • Marching Band Speeches

    Let’s Band Together Ever since I saw a high school band perform for us during an assembly, I’ve wanted to be a part of the band experience. I’ve been waiting for today all summer, today I get to pick which instrument I get to play. I’m not even the slightest bit mad that I have to go to my school a day before school even starts. As I walk into my elementary school, I proudly remember that I’ve gone to this school for years. It feels good knowing I get to finally be a fifth grader and rule the…

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  • Orchestra Concert Review Essay

    already enthusiastic about attending this show. The orchestra performed very well and helped with accurately describing the emotions of the actors throughout the show. They even incorporated some of Christoph Willibald Gluck’s music in the show, which really helped with setting the mood of the plot. I will be discussing the Instruments played throughout the show, skill level of the musicians, Rhythm, and the emotions that it made me feel. The instruments that I saw were mostly…

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  • Oklahoma State University Symphony Orchestra Concert Report Sample

    The conductor was directly centered in the front. There were three main arches of instruments as well as two rows of woodwinds in the back, a row of percussion on the left and both back corners. There was also a piano near the front right. The first arch of instruments were string instruments including six violins and two cellos. The next arch consisted of six violins and four cellos. In the final arch there were eight violins, one cello, one piccolo, three flutes, one English horn, and one…

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  • Essay On Orchestra

    orchestra is merely alike. This assumption is due to similar musical instruments, but in all reality an orchestra is a more advanced and diverse group with a very different sound. This specific group gives off the sound of classical music and is usually performed at a concert or a classical event. The orchestra deprived its name from the Greek word "orcheisthai," which means “to dance.” The orchestra is grouped and seated by its instrument. In the 1800’s the most important part of an orchestra…

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  • Johann Christoph Denner: The Clarinet Analysis

    Johann Christoph Denner created the clarinet soon after 1698 (Barrett, G. 1999) (Adullah, M et al. 2015). The clarinet is a woodwind instrument with a single reed. A clarinet has many different keys, and each of them helps produce a different note. “The keys were of brass, sometimes of silver and the springs were of brass.” (Barrett, G. 1999). It is an instrument that is somewhat quiet compared to others, but it can be played loudly if the player desires. “While almost every other woodwind…

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  • Russian Christmas Music Analysis

    and simply relishing in the moment. Throughout there is such beauty and richness reminding me of Russian Christmas Music by Alfred Reed. The opening idea is beautifully orchestrated and the bells chiming allows for my imagination to wander to depict a scene of a town amidst a crisis that is about to take place. Around :53 an image appears of the person this story will center around and the hardships that surround the area. The saxophone representing the innocence and beauty of the person and…

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  • Concert Band Vs Symphonic Orchestra Essay

    choice: whether to join concert band or a symphonic orchestra. While both are ensembles with a conductor that play music arranged into different parts together, there are several important differences to take note of when deciding which one fits each musician perfectly. First of all, not every instrument is represented in every ensemble. A concert band, often called symphonic wind band, consists, as the name suggests, predominantly of wind instruments. Woodwinds like flutes, piccolos, oboes,…

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  • Machumann Concert Report Sample

    chair instead of the bench chair we used to sit on the piano. I think it was because he needs to wait for the orchestra after he played the piano so that he can relax his body instead of just sitting on there and wait for his turn. After the intermission, the orchestra continued with Bruckner’s Symphony no.4 in E flat major – ‘Romantic’, this time without the pianist. The symphony consists of a standard four-movement structure. It is inspired by the nature imagery and knightly tales where the…

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  • Flight Of The Bumblebee Analysis

    The musical piece Flight of the Bumblebee is an orchestral interlude from opera The Tale of Tsar Saltan written by Rimsky-Korsakov in 1899 based on the poem of the same name by Aleksandr Pushkin. It comes as the prelude to Act III, where a prince rescues a swan which is attacked by a bumble bee. The composer professionally used instruments of the orchestra to create pictures from the story. The musical piece is a programmatic music in ternary form that is representing the sound of a bumblebee.…

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