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  • Peter Elbow's Ideas On The Process Of Writing: Analysis

    In the quote from Writing Without Teachers, Peter Elbow talks about his ideas on the process of writing. He says, “think of writing as an organic, developmental process in which you start writing at the very beginning – before you know your meaning at all – and encourage your words gradually to change and evolve” (Elbow). Elbow believes that you can’t know what you are going to discuss or to comment on until you are done writing and all of your thoughts finally come together to make sense. He also goes against the idea that writing is only a two-step process, saying that this is the wrong method to go about writing and is a backwards way of thinking. I agree with Elbow’s ideas because this is how I think about the writing process, and is how I write most of the time. I think that this quote also describes how you improve your writing through time. My writing process involves thinking about what the assignment is asking me, and then writing down random bullets of what I might include in my paper. This helps me understand where I could go with the topic and to better organize my mind before I actually start writing everything out. I have gotten better at this over the semester, mainly because of the opinions and thoughts I have developed from reading different articles in class on diverse topics. I have also gotten better at giving a reason for why I have included different points in my papers. In my first paper of the semester I discussed Vershawn Young’s idea…

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  • Mental Toughness In Sport Psychology

    The discussion of mental toughness has to be the number one discussed topic in sport psychology. It seems that everyone is on the same sheet of music agreeing that it’s vital to success, but it’s very debatable to "what is mental toughness?” All of the definitions of mental toughness in this article sound really tasty and easy to bite off on. However, I’m one who leaves nothing to chance and I think there is more to the definition than "sociable, outgoing, calm, relaxed, competitive,…

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  • Personal Narrative: Jake's Journey

    too big for him, but it’s okay that means I did something right. On Mama’s other side was my brother Mo, he’s not my real brother, but ever since third grade he’s been like one. Even he took a break from his “work” to come to this game. My family, I wouldn’t ask for a better one. The team put me down I run to Mama, take her in my arms, the embrace warm and gentle. She can’t form words. She’s proud. Rus appearing behind “You still can‘t see me on the court MVP or not.” I laugh. Mo rushes from…

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  • Controversy Of Friends

    This is the laziest way I use “English”. I usually use this with whomever I text, whenever and wherever I need to. This requires a different style of English, where one abbreviates words. For instance, if I want to say the word “yeah” then I would abbreviate it to “ya” or “yea”. The name of this style of writing is leetspeak. The whole reason I use leetspeak when I text is because it helps me type faster. Commonly, I am in class and I need to type “Yeah, I will talk to you later. Goodbye.”…

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  • Chungking Express Film Analysis

    Before I analyze the film Chungking Express, I would like to briefly introduce its director—Wang Kar-Wai, a great master who specialized in describing protagonists’ characteristics by details and the whole environment. Since he grows up in Hong Kong, a former British colony involving Chinese culture and western culture, he has lots of thinking on this metropolis and the people living there. Thus he directs bunch of films such like Chungking Express, telling the love stories happened in Hong Kong…

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  • Analysis Of The Fist Of Fury

    Thus, the Fist of Fury is a great example of the nationalism depicted in films and also the anti-Japanese sentiments. It is very common to know that in the past and even today, there is still this negative and superior feeling toward the Japanese. There are various reasons why there are these negative sentiments towards the Japanese (and vice versa) but some can be that it may lie in the struggle for power and influence in Asia between China and Japan. Another reason may be because there are…

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  • A Dizzying Blur Of Woozy Book Report

    Wang-Woo laughed indifferently. “She wouldn’t do that it would be suicide. But if she does, dispose of the children as you wish . . .” His voice trailed off. I shivered. “Do you want me to untie them?” Bane asked. “No. They’ll sleep until you reach the mine. Chance, look at me.” Reluctantly, he gazed into Mr. Wang-Woo’s eyes. “You’re sleepy—very sleepy. You yearn for rest. Slumber wraps you in its silky embrace and holds you there as you close your eyes.” I watched Chance’s eyes flutter for a…

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  • What Are The Four Stages Of The Usual Communication Patterns

    conversations they have with one another are mostly about their collegiate lives. Especially, at the end of the conversation, they are often replied by the other members with religious remarks, such as, “Don’t worry, cuz Our Lady [or Mother Mary] is with you,” “Jesus is watching you,” or “Everything is gonna be fine.” Sometimes, religion-based jokes and kidding are also exchanged among the members in this stage: Member 1: Don’t worry about anything and don’t forget He is always with you. Member…

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  • Come A Little Bit Closer Analysis

    Little Bit Closer” by Jay and the Americans and “A Woman Needs Love” by Ray Parker Jr. Both of these songs share a common idea of women cheating. A genre that I do not care for is soul music and the song that falls in this genre is “A Woman Needs Love”. This song was released in 1981. Soul music borrows heavily from rhythm and blues and jazz. This type of sound does not appeal to me. I prefer music that is fast paced and has catchy lyrics. This song meets none of these desired…

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  • Analysis Of Martin Mcdonagh's Seven Psychopaths

    in London and then New York. In 1994 Quentin Tarantino’s most well-known film, Pulp Fiction, was released. Known for its mix of humor and violence, extensive dialogue, and allusions to pop culture, the film became a major critical and commercial success. McDonagh, who cites cinema as his “first love” and theatre “always [his] last,” would have undoubtedly watched Tarantino’s Pulp Fiction when it was first released. In fact, during a 2001 interview with The Guardian, McDonagh himself compared his…

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