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  • My Relationship With Nature Essay

    The question more manageable, it’s time we answered it, and it’s not all bad. At least I don’t dream I’m a butterfly. To find the origins of my relationship with nature you would have to go back far. If you want to know my understanding of that relationship, then you would have to go back to when I started volunteering at the Seattle aquarium. Considering this is the start of this paper, we will start with the former, though the latter will be soon coming. The simple fact, that will come as no surprise to anyone, is that I have always loved animals. My family has always had animals, two dogs, a cat and a couple of surprisingly long lived fish. My mom at one point had wanted to work at the San Diego wildlife park, but lacked the stomach to do so. Trips to the Woodland Park Zoo and the Seattle Aquarium were commonplace. My bedtime stories were the tails of Mr. Leopard and his animal friends, including, but not limited to Mrs. Rabbit, Mr. Gorilla and Mr. Fish. My interest bloomed of course, and with an interest, I learned. Through TV and books, I became aware of animals that many people have never heard of, bear cats and kinkajous, and coatis. The show Zoboomafoo is an early example of a TV show I watched. How could I not build a relationship with nature? Kindergarten didn’t change much about my relationship with nature. I learned to read, I had fun with my friends, life was good. After school, however I had a new show I loved. This was when animal planet was good, and didn’t…

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  • The American Forest Foundation (AFF)

    little regard for the consequences our actions have on things that we think do not affect us. We are so engaged with the social and anthropocentric aspects of this world that we often forget, ignore, and neglect nonhuman things and processes. However, most of these nonhuman entitities, such as nature, are a part of us as much as we are a part of it. Nature is not separate from humans and the two are vitally interconnected. Many individuals are unaware of the human impact we have on the…

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  • What Role Does Nature Play In Early Childhood

    During this trip, the students was exposed to nature all around them. They saw a lot of colorful leaves, trails and animals. I saw that the children were happy to be in the zoo because they were picking up leaves and asking questions about it. They also kept asking questions about the animals. Their curiosity led to them asking questions and this helped them learn. A simple question such as 'what does the seal eat for lunch ' would help them understand what a seal type of food the seal eats.…

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  • Argumentative Essay On Captive Animals

    From zoos, to aquariums, to petting zoos, and even our own pets, humans have always been fascinated by animals, and have gone to certain extents to use them for learning purposes, preservation, survival, companionship, and occasionally entertainment. Menageries allow people to learn about animals from a safe distance and see some animals which they would never have seen if it were not for wildlife parks. Many argue that captive animals are not happy in their environment, and should be set free…

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  • Animal Internship Essay

    Description of Intern Activities The internship is being completed at the Brevard Zoo. Prior to the internship, the student was already an employee of the facility. The internship combines both the student’s previous experience as an employee and new experiences as an intern. The main focus is on animal training, behavior, and learning. The activities are centered on both the human and animal interactions in the education department. The human aspects of the internship is related to the hosting…

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  • Wild Animals Should Not Be Kept In Zoos

    Have you ever visited a zoo? Perhaps you enjoyed seeing a variety of wildlife without fearing the danger of your life? Or perhaps, instead, you wondered the happiness of the animal in its new environment? As long as humans have been on Earth, we’ve found that our progress was not altered by the wellbeing of other animals. We’ve often destroyed their environments and domesticated them beyond the point of no return, sometimes hunting them to the point of extinction. Now we’ve tried to halter our…

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  • Burmese Pythons Research Paper

    Hiss! As the Burmese Python slithers through the Marsh.The presence of the Burmese Python is changing the Everglades drastically.These snakes are changing the Everglades drastically as people get them as a pet and then don’t want them anymore so they release them into the wild, Most species are going extinct or near extinct because the pythons don’t have a natural predator so they eat and shrink the population of their food, and shrinking the population one Python at a time. Do you think that…

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  • Extinct Animals Research Paper

    Seeing Extinct animals roam the earth again would be like heaven.”Wonder How cool would it be to see extinct species alive and kicking again?”First,What would it be like to even touch a animal that was once none living on this planet?Able to see a new animal you have never seen before roam are lands or in zoos!The Author mentions that” If people pushed plant and animals species into extinction, perhaps we owe it to these species to try and bring them back.”Next,The animals were put here for a…

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  • Exotic Animals

    Imagine a hypothetical observance of an enclosed lion exhibit, proudly displayed in a local zoo. Stationed at the apex of a nearby hill is Tamarin, a spectacular example of an immaculate exotic animal, practicing his patience while playing with his cubs. Curiosity stimulates a concern for this animal. Does he enjoy inhabiting this place? How does he compare to his wildlife counterpart? Is it just and ethical to keep him here? Human-kept collections of exotic animals are certainly not just a…

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  • Why Do Animals Kept In Zoos

    “Animals kept in zoos should be freed” All of us grow up with fond memories of visiting the zoo with our family, friends, or a field trip in school. In zoos we can see a lot of animals. There are these amazing large elephants, those cute monkeys climbing or playing and many others. The zoo is the only place where you can see these amazing wild life creatures up close. Many zoos all over the world are professing their undying concern for animals. Some are accurately claiming that their zoos are…

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