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  • How Does Disney Use Discrimination In The Lion King

    Over the years, Disney has made many attempts of telling the stories of the otherwise unknown culture. However, in both The Lion King (1994) and Pocahontas (1995), for example, Disney poorly represented the African and Native American cultures for entertainment and monetary profit. The Lion King is the western interpretation of African culture represented by jungle animals fighting against each other for power, mirroring the apartheid becoming an anarchy. Pocahontas is the story of the British…

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  • Essay On Animal Captivity

    immoral? Animals that live under human care are in captivity. Captivity can be used as a generalizing term to describe the keeping of either domesticated animals (livestock and pets) or wild animals. This may include, for example, farms, private homes, zoos and laboratories. Animals are shipped to and from different locations all over the world, and held in captivity for the rest of their lives for our viewing pleasure. We can ask: is this practice and business morally justifiable? Global…

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  • Animal Harassment

    ETHICAL PROBLEM Zoo animals harassment should be taken seriously and dealt with promptly so as not to become an epidemic in the community. This phenomenon must be contained to prevent the zoo organization from failing to operate productively which in turn could adversely affect the country. Two ways to solve the problem is: 4.1 Conserve Animals In Sanctuaries Rather Than A Zoo. Zoo is a place where animals, primates and birds are kept in in captivity in an artificially created habitat. A zoo…

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  • Persuasive Essay: Should Animals Do In Circuses?

    Should animals perform in circuses? Would you ever feel happy if your freedom all of the sudden is snatched away by an unknown entity and is forced to forever do their bidding? Would you ever feel at ease if suddenly you were taken away from your family knowing that you could never see them again until the end of time? And just imagine, how would it feel like to be embarrassed in front of hundreds if not thousands of people doing tricks that could bring harm to your body? Certainly never we…

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  • Orcas Should Not Be Allowed In Captivity

    Orcas in captivity? No way. We need to stop the orcas in captivity because it’s not healthy for them, they are abused and because there is not enough space for them to swim around in. Orcas are one of the most intelligent animals on the planet and where are they? In captivity that’s right, the smartest animal is used for our amusement. You may think that the orcas get taken care of, and are properly fed, but they are not. Also when you read all this stuff on orcas killing humans no one knows the…

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  • Argumentative Essay: The Use Of Animals In Entertainment

    Animals have existed as a part of the circus since long time ago. Circus is one of the place where these innocent animals are treated brutally and unwell, but people did not realize this and they are continually going to circus to feel entertained until today. The audience did not know that this innocent animals are mistreated behind the screen. Animals are not made for humans and it exist in the world for its own reasons (Alice Walker, n.d). Forcing animals to perform in circuses is an example…

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  • What Is Life Of Pi Essay About Religion

    about a sixteen year old boy named Piscine Molitor Patel who goes by Pi from India who was in a family of zookeepers and searches for faith by following several religions. On their way to move to Canada on a cargo ship with his family and his family’s zoo animals the ship sinks and all the survivors are Pi, a hyena, an orangutan named Orange Juice, a zebra, and a tiger. As the days pass, little by little the animals die and/or eat each other until the only survivors are Pi and the tiger. They…

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  • Ad Searching For Man Rhetorical Analysis

    Samuel Martinez Sommer Language Arts 6 July 2015 “The first time I read the ad, I choked and cursed for Man” “ In the lines you learn there was an ad searching for a student to help save the world, so of course you have in mind that if there’s a student there must be teacher involved. The significant part is that rather there being a human teacher there’s a gorilla, so absolutely the student applying for the job is panicked and screams for help. In other words the student was choked up and…

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  • Captivity Vs. Orcas In The Wild

    Orcas in Captivity vs. Orcas in the Wild The roar of the crowd, the splash of cool water, and the spectacular stunts that are performed by the orca and his trainer may leave you speechless. What some people don't think about is what the effects are of having orcas in captivity versus keeping them in the wild. Some similarities may include things like the diet and nutrition in the wild and captivity. On the other hand, things like their lifespan, the posture of their dorsal fin, and being torn…

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  • Essay On Bronx Zoo

    conservation efforts (like zoos) it is still going to be a very tough battle. The Bronx Zoo has many endangered animals; most being monkeys. “We're involved in many species programs because so many of our animals are endangered. There are a lot of cooperative efforts between zoos in this country and in other parts of the world. We're constantly helping each other and exchanging advice.” Says Jim Doherty General Curator of the Bronx Zoo. During my visit to the Bronx Zoo I got to observe…

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