What Role Does Nature Play In Early Childhood

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Nature plays such a big part in child 's early childhood. I think when children play in natural settings it provides a suit of benefits for them, such as learning about nature and what it is made of. Also, time spent outdoors supports many aspects of child 's health. Unfortunately, in the public school that I observed, the students does not do exciting activities such as taking a nature walk, or play in the rain or even observe nature. Most of the time the students stays in the school building for the whole day. This is something that I strongly dislike because students should be have a time in day where they take a stroll and explore our beautiful surroundings. After lunch, the students gets to go outside to the play yard and play around the yard with equipments. They would play with basketballs, soccer balls, or even hula hoop but it was rare for a student to just look around and explore the yard. In this field site the children does not really experience nature because they do not go out for a stroll and look at flowers or plants. They would not play in the rain or snow. At this age, the students should get to walk around their school neighborhood and ask questions about nature such as …show more content…
During this trip, the students was exposed to nature all around them. They saw a lot of colorful leaves, trails and animals. I saw that the children were happy to be in the zoo because they were picking up leaves and asking questions about it. They also kept asking questions about the animals. Their curiosity led to them asking questions and this helped them learn. A simple question such as 'what does the seal eat for lunch ' would help them understand what a seal type of food the seal eats. The students were very excited to see every animal. I didn 't see any child left behind because every child enjoyed their time in the zoo. This made me realize how important nature is for a

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