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  • Emotional Analysis Of Lauren Greenfield's 'Always Likeagirl' Campaign

    this rhetoric in the form of a visual is beneficial in making this piece effective by creating the feeling of validity amongst viewers. Seeing real girls respond to these questions and take part in this social experiment adds to the emotional appeal. Women who are watching this may be able to directly relate to the scenario, whether they were an uninhibited young girl themselves or they are now subconsciously lacking the confidence they know they once had. Any connection a viewer may make with…

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  • Three Girls Oates Analysis

    In “Three Girls,” Oates uses the two NYU girl poets and Marilyn Monroe to display issues of society’s view of women during the 1950’s. The reader will be introduced to two girl poets in Strand Used Books, searching for their desired book as they routinely do. Both girl poets will later find themselves witnessing Marilyn Monroe in disguise. The reader may be led to interpret that this could have been Marilyn Monroe’s truest self and not what she was popularized for in media. The three girls…

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  • Women In To Kill A Mockingbird

    by a woman, urges other women to not stand by when difficult situations arise, but to have the strength to overcome those situations. This strength is hard to find, especially in a male-dominated world such as the setting in To Kill a Mockingbird. The setting takes place in the early 1930s. Common knowledge reveals that the further back one goes in history, the less and less rights women have. During the 1930s time period, women were seen as second best compared to men. Women were to act as…

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  • Sor Juana Ines De La Cruz Essay

    thousands of women and girls may have never had the opportunity to have an education without her. In a world absent of Sor Juana, this research paper may have never been written at all, on the basis of the author’s sex. Her experience with same-sex relationships, her feminist ideals, and her will for learning contribute to Sor Juana Ines de la Cruz’s defiant nature, which shines through her writings. To start, the experience and support that Sor Juana Ines de la Cruz had with…

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  • Curley's Wife Ending Analysis

    by the time that Curley's wife hurried back home from the barn, where she had a secret rendezvous with Slim, the sun was fading over the horizon, painting the windows of the big old house and the clouds above it, in ominously fierce crimson colors. At the moment, there was hardly any movement in the air, but bright-red low clouds in the darkening sky foretold the upcoming day’s wind and calamity as clearly, as if they were announcing the weather out loud. Despite the evening hours, the…

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  • Ladies In Lines: Documentary Analysis: Ladies In Lines

    1. Ladies in Lines follows a group of women as they’re trained for the armed forces and follows their struggles and achievements. Normally we would associate the armed forces with men but with Ladies in Lines we see and learn that women can be trained up for the armed forces just like men are. Women are usually seen as being innocent and so at first we wouldn’t expect the women in Ladies in Lines to be able to cope with their new environment in the training centre. However, Ladies in Lines…

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  • The Role Of Women In Crossroads: A Sad Vaudeville '

    something very similar- she puts out a picture of herself that she has altered, because she thinks that is what the men she is looking for want to see. Both of these women, then, misrepresented themselves in the hopes of finding love; however, fundamental differences in their personalities and lives created very different outcomes…

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  • The Theme Of Childhood Trauma In God Help The Child By Toni Morrison

    In Toni Morrison’s God Help the Child, the protagonist of the novel, Bride, finds herself slowly transforming back into an adolescent. The novel uses magical realism to both literally and figurately revert Bride back to a state of girlhood. Her increasing lack of secondary sex characteristics, like breasts and pubic hair, triggers a fear of reverting back into a “scared little black girl”. The novel deals with several prominent themes, the two most prevalent being race and childhood trauma.…

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  • Family Messages In Advertising

    actually affecting the girl. Also, I feel that in commercials they really degrade women. It almost seems that they have to flaunt everything that they have to be a capable companion. However, I must say, that is very luring and makes you want to buy the product they are selling. Then for mes ads, they are very masculine and biased. Almost all commercials about men I saw included them doing some handy work but they never show women doing that. They also see that no matter what situation you are…

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  • Anti-Semitism And Racism In The Merchant Of Venice By William Shakespeare

    In The Merchant of Venice, William Shakespeare shows that he encourages the anti-Semitism and racism of the time. This is first shown through the choosing of the caskets of who will marry a fair lady named Portia.. Secondly, the language that is used by the characters when they are referring to Shylock. Lastly, the punishment of Shylock near the end of the play. Therefore, Shakespeare shows that he encourage the racism of the time. One reason that demonstrated how Shakespeare encouraged…

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