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  • Rhode Island Career Analysis

    During my educational career I was a participant in program called The College Crusades of Rhode Island. The College Crusades of Rhode Island is a college readiness program. Since the third grade I toured several colleges, learned how apply for college, studied good academic writing, was educated on financial welfare and had many classes on understanding how to choose your career. When it came to choosing my own career my view was stuck between what is practical and what do I love? I had a flare for the arts; theatre, music and design. But I also wanted to be able to profit from whatever it is that I do. I choose to do something in between, Graphic Design. This career choice gives me the lessons of marketing and business both which are practical…

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  • Character Analysis: From Miss Rhode Island USA To Reality Star Villain

    Nellyonthego1on1 - From Miss Rhode Island USA to Reality Star Villain… How did those two worlds collide? Claudia Jordan – The only reason I look like the villain is because I hold people accountable, and if holding people accountable makes me a villain, then call me the villain. On the Next 15, I’m trying to put together a talk show, and I’m dealing with grown folks who don’t want to do any work. I asked all of my fellow cast members what role did they want to play and of course since the…

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  • Research Paper About My Giovanomia

    My γιαγιά, Catherine Fotiou, was born in Rhodes, Greece on the 26th of July, 1948. She had three other siblings. At three years old, she embarked on an unbelievable voyage across an immense sea to a ‘foreign land’ known as Australia. She still remembers the sound of the wind, hitting the sails of the ship, Kirina. My γιαγιά was brought up on the Dodecanese Island of Rhodes, Greece, in the town called ‘Palia Poli’ which translates to the ‘Old Town’. Her Mother, Sarah, was from an upscale family…

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  • Describe Rhodes

    Rhodes – the clear skies, the deep blue ocean. What is there not to love? Whether you be a student looking to party the night away, or a traveller wanting to experience the world, this island offers everything to everyone. As I walked along the pebble floor on the street and gazed into the shining eye of the sun, I thought to myself; this is paradise. Rhodes felt like a walk through antiquity, dotted with Greek castles and churches as far as the eye could see. However, the island is not…

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  • The Mosses By Ashley Rhodes-Courter

    Ashley Rhodes-Courter is the famous author of her life story Three Little words the memoir. In this book it portrays her story through foster care. As you read you learn that Ashley did not have the easiest time growin up. She learned from an early age that life doesn 't always work out the way you want it to. She held on to her education to pull her out of the darkness she lived in. Ashley took these awful things she lived through and she turned it all around to become successful in her adult…

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  • Post College Student Analysis

    competitive world, especially in a business environment. That sense of being a competitor is one of the driving reasons behind me wanting to attain my MBA and get a business related degree in college. I grew up with my father always telling me to be the best that I possible could, to strive for greatness. I carried this mentality when I was young in sports, and luckily that attitude transitioned into the classroom and in the workplace once I became an upperclassmen in high school. I had always…

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  • Gary D Rhodes Movie

    Critical Assessment of a Work by Gary D. Rhodes Gary D. Rhodes of Queen’s University Belfast challenges many current conceptions about Hollywood in his work “ ‘Movie’: How a Single Word Shaped Hollywood Cinema.” Specifically, Rhodes argues that the audience has power over the corporation in this industry. He explains how the word “movie” is a major representation if this idea. Rhodes presents this argument because he has seen how common it has become to accuse corporate Hollywood of finessing…

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  • How To Pursue A Career In College

    to confirm that I had the infection, the test came out positive. I had no where to go, I was penniless, alone, and heartbroken. It was then that I realized what I had done, not only to myself and my future, but most importantly my parents. I called my mother as soon as I left the hospital and apologized, I knew I could never apologize enough for choosing a girl over my mother. Like any good mother, she accepted my apology and I went home for the first time in months. After a restful night, I…

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  • Colossus Of Rhodes Poem Analysis

    Colossus of Rhodes, which is one of the seven wonders of the world. The Colossus of Rhodes was built to celebrate victory over the ruler of Cyprus in 305 BC. Denotations: The poem is about a new statue that resembles the Colossus in Ancient Greece. Connotations: Colossus of Rhodes was a statue in Greece that had huge significance, it represented their victory over Cyprus. This suggests the poem could be about a new monument that represents a significant event. Such as gaining independence…

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  • Sean Houlihan Education

    He has been nominate in the past two different years, both as an overall educator and for his previous role as a Social Studies teacher. Achieving this recognition is something that he is proud of, and values being associated with the top teachers in his field for New Jersey and Rhode Island. 7. Why it is Important to Integrate New Technology in the Classroom with Sean Houlihan Sean Houlihan has discovered that to be an effective educator in the 21st century, he must integrate and use the most…

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