Reality Scene In Julie Jordan

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Nellyonthego1on1 - From Miss Rhode Island USA to Reality Star Villain… How did those two worlds collide?

Claudia Jordan – The only reason I look like the villain is because I hold people accountable, and if holding people accountable makes me a villain, then call me the villain. On the Next 15, I’m trying to put together a talk show, and I’m dealing with grown folks who don’t want to do any work. I asked all of my fellow cast members what role did they want to play and of course since the idea is my baby, no one wished to cooperate. But of course, what you all see is my response and a whole lot of editing, and again… I’m the villain.

2. Nellyonthego1on1 - When you received the call to be a part of the Next 15 cast, what were your thoughts
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There’s so much behind the scenes such as the producers, the editors, the network and a lot of things don’t make the final cut. In the end, I’m grateful for the opportunity.

3. NellyOntheGo1on1 - Do you feel like this is your last reality show?

Claudia Jordan – No, absolutely not! Reality shows are just one of my pit stops; I ’m working on about 30 other things. I’m just following my journey, and I’m fine with the unknown.

4. NellyOnthego1on1 - So the objective is for you all to work together to produce a talk show titled “The Comment”, but most of you can’t get along for more than two minutes especially you and Jennifer Williams? And in the true fashion of Miss New York, she created her own rules by electing to hit the streets to talk to pedestrians. How is this show going to work?

Claudia Jordan – The talk show ‘The Comment’ is my baby, and it ended up working. The people who wanted it to work helped make it happen. We already shot the pilot with blood sweat and tears, but of course, all of that was edited. The network did not pay for anything. We used our resources, talent, and money to create ‘The Comment’ and we can’t wait to shop it
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The audience has a taste for blood… they seem to like that. On the other hand, when you try to be positive then they’re like… that’s boring. A good read without the use of ‘bitch or ho,’ but true can be just as powerful.

8. NellyOntheGo 1on1 - What’s your reality off camera Claudia to make sure you’re around longer than 15 more minutes?

Claudia Jordan – I’ve been smart about utilizing my time on reality TV because who knows… this may be the last time you see me on a reality show. I recently started a purse line, Fine Italian Leather paying homage to my Italian side. I also have a lip gloss line with liquid matte colors. Both items are on the market. I’m also in the process of releasing adult like Capri-Suns called “Shot Pack” and tapped to EP a new scripted series titled “My Better Half” with Nicole Murphy, Luenell, Miguel Nunez, Alex Thomas and Genuine. We’re shooting a pilot in LA next month. Look, I moved to La for a reason!

9. NellyOntheGo 1on1 - Have you ever thought about creating a reality show… Let’s call it “Claudia’s Universe” where you will work with young women competing to become the next Miss X

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