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  • Anthem For Doomed Youth Analysis

    lost their lives. Therefore, the poem being a sonnet is quite ironic. Owen splits the poem into two stanzas. The first contains eight lines, thus an octet. A rhetorical question is raised in the opening line which is then later on answered in the remaining seven lines of the stanza. This method is then repeated in the second stanza which is a sestet. Normally, a traditional Shakespearean sonnet would include a shift in tone between the two stanzas but instead, Owen holds the same tone throughout the poem which emphasizes his ironic choice of a sonnet. Noticeably, Owen uses comparison the most. He does this by comparing horrific war events to everyday events. “The boys die as cattle”, conveys the idea that the young men going off to war is the same as cattle going to a slaughter house to be killed. Hence, with no real purpose but to be mindlessly massacred. The machine guns are personified “the monsterous anger of the guns”, they are monstrous and evil. Owen even suggests that they are held responsible for the deaths of soldiers and not the people firing them. Owen uses religious terms such as “Prayers”, “bells”, “choirs”, “holy in order to emphasize how dying on the battlefield lacks sacristy. Furthermore, Owen is criticizing how deaths in war are not natural. “The drawing down of the blinds”, represents a family in mourning. This introduces yet again the idea of how the death of youths on battlefields go against natural deaths such as dying of age and sickness. Owens…

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  • Locke And Hobbes State Of Nature Essay

    state of war. However, he characterizes this claim to “some men” and not towards Hobbes (Leviathan, Chapters XIII–XIV). He disproved it by indicating the remaining and real historical examples of people that are in a state of nature. Because of this, he observed people who were not subject to a common judge to determine debates, but that people who lawfully take action for themselves tend to punish people who do wrong, as in a state of nature. Hobbes believes that all humans, by nature, are…

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  • Thomas Hobbes's Liberty Document Analysis: AP Government

    Hobbes believes this because this is in fear of the Civil War and assumes that everyone has hatred towards each other. This era was a time of fear that society would corrupt so this the commonwealth with a sovereignty is Hobbes's plan to ensure peace; stripping away many natural rights. How does this document compare to one of the other documents that we have read this week? What connections can you draw? What is interesting to you about this document? This document compares to the Magna…

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  • Hobbes: The Divine Right Of Kings Theory

    Initially, during centuries prior his birth, people were not allowed to question the ruler’s motives. Given that the Bible was at the basis of everything, it was considered sinful to disobey the ruling family and citizens were told that they will be going to Hell in case of doubt. Known as the Divine Right of Kings theory, this way of thinking stems from the fact that God chooses all Kings, meaning if anyone disobeys the King, they disobey God. Fear of death and sinning is what made the citizens…

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