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  • Charles Dickens Modernism

    the writers and novelists to preach to a wider audience. Contrary to popular belief, the Victorians enjoyed a much more varied, richer, and freer literature than readers in the 20th century. The Victorian writers shared a need to unfold the social struggles of the time. They all had something in common. Charles Dickens’ was no exception as he fed into, “the typical conversion of the great Victorian moves is not a religious conversion but a turning from self-regard to love and social responsibility,” (Hardy 49). This social responsibility was always present in Dickens’ work. Though his characters start out in a negative view they change for the better and give the audience a platform to see when it comes to social responsibility. A Christmas Carol is a perfect representation of this with the character Scrooge. In contrast, the modernists had T.S. Eliot’s social activism with his Waste Land, “it is about the decay of culture in modern Western society when many consider present experience as chaotic…(Crews 19). This observation can easy battle out the Victorians argument of social responsibility, though The Victorians downplays the Modernists in variety of genres. The Victorians did not just focus on one genre, this itself can prove that they led a much richer life. They did not just focus on the masterpieces of the authors, like what the Modernists do, that would be too minimal to fulfill any sort of goal of the writer. The earlier time period of literature focused on an…

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  • The Most Handsome Drowned Man In The World By Gabriel Garcia Marquez

    There a couple of key aspects you should keep in mind when reading fiction to interpret the full meaning of the work. One of these elements is the internal and external journeys that are present in most stories. An external journey is something a character does that can be observed, such as a boy throws a tantrum when he gets mad, and an internal journey is what a person thinks and feels inside that is difficult to notice just by looking at the person, such as a teenager who is bitter over the…

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  • Themes In Fate, History And Sacrifice?

    During the book The Tale of Two Cities , Charles Dickens presented us with many themes throughout the novel. I decided to incorporate the central themes Fate, History and Sacrifice, because those select themes stood out the most to me during this novel. I chose sacrifice as a theme due to the fact that Dickens presented it to us as a necessity to achieve happiness. During the novel the revolutionaries prove that a new french republic can come about with only a heavy and terrible cost and emotion…

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  • Ignorance In A Christmas Carol

    A Christmas Carol “Ignorance and want are man’s children and for the time being ignorance has doom of you, written upon his brow.”(Dickens 26) Ignorance consumes a man and all he is worth. Sure, he has money, but what else may a rich, greedy man like that say of himself. May he say he is loved, may he say he is popular among his peers. No. This man may come out on top, but he has no respect for what the simple pleasures of family bring and, as far as I’m concerned this man, Scrooge, lives a…

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  • Microcosm In A Christmas Carol By Charles Dickens

    A Christmas Carol Essay There will always be stories that are microcosm, which are written in order to help society or the community realize that there is a problem at hand that needs to be resolved. Charles Dickens, who wrote A Christmas Carol, wrote about the real meaning of Christmas and what we should be in our mind during this period of time. He was able to bring up the problem that was happening around him and helped many realize it was time for a change and time to fix this problem.…

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  • Nancy Mairs On Being A Cripple Analysis

    human being to which she does not adhere to—these stigmas have subsequently manifested themselves into what Mairs implies as “crippled passivity”. Mairs firstly narrates an anecdotal encounter with her mother to provide context for her suspicions, then follows by describing how mainstream culture sculpts the ideal woman. Mairs effectively portrays a conflict between the dualism of her realistic situation to that of which dreamed up wherein she can react and respond boisterously, clarified in…

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  • Charles Dickens Influence On Society

    what your heart used to be. I have been bent and broken, but –I hope- into a better shape.”[3] However, centuries after his death, we are still privy to his influence. His books are as famous or even more famous than they were during his life. Novels such as Oliver Twist and A Christmas Carol have been adapted into numerous different movies, TV shows and plays and are considered preeminent stories that kid of all ages and even adults should know. Even to this day, the social consciousness that…

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  • Great Expectations Gentility And Class Analysis

    Great Expectations is a novel composed by Charles Dickens, this novel is set in early Victorian England, a period when tremendous social changes were influencing the country. It is a story told in the first person narration by a moderately aged Pip, who is glancing back at his adolescence and youth. The story takes its starting when Pip is just 6 or 7 years of age and is living with his sister and her metal forger spouse Joe in light of the fact that his parents are dead. Great Expectations…

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  • Truth Revealed In A Christmas Carol By Charles Dickens

    Have you ever watched a paranormal show that had you thinking if spirits were real and lived amongst us? Today, I will be talking about it in the book called, A Christmas Carol. When I first started reading this book, Anthony Horowitz, the introducer, explained how Charles Dickens started his career as an author. He started out stating, “The author seemed to use an awful lot of words to tell his story, and quite a lot of those words had far too many syllables for my liking. There were too many…

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  • A Christmas Carol Scrooge Character Analysis

    A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens shows Scrooge learning the spirit of Christmas, changing himself, and becoming a more compassionate person. In the story, Scrooge meets three ghosts, past, present, and future. The first ghost shows him that he used to be a happier person. The second ghost shows him that his behavior causes trouble for other people. The third and final ghost shows him what could happen if he refuses to change his ways. After meeting each of these ghosts, the reader begins to…

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