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  • Change And Symbolism In Anton Chekhov's The Cherry Orchard

    In Anton Chekhov's 1904 play The Cherry Orchard, a Russian family who is used to a life of riches begin to experience the hardships of poverty. Due to an extreme amount of carelessness and selfishness, the mother of the estate Lyubov Andreevna Ranvskaya loses the funds that have been allowing her to keep her family in a comfortable position financially. Throughout the play, Chekhov uses many items to represent symbolism, such as the cherry orchard itself to represent the golden age of aristocracy. Without all of the symbolism and imagery throughout the play, Chekhov’s message would be lost. Chekhov’s message for The Cherry Orchard was to show how brutal change can be, but also how necessary change is, in order for the world to fully develop into its primal form. Three of the most important symbols and images Chekhov uses to to create an understanding of this transition of time are the cherry orchard, the keys to the estate that Varya holds, and the ending scene where Firs is left outside of the estate to die. The cherry orchard is truly the most important and iconic symbol throughout the play. Not only is it the title of the play, but it is the symbol that is constantly referenced throughout the text, and it has an overwhelming amount of sentimental value to the aristocratic family. The estate has been with the family for decades. All the family has ever known is a life of wealth and comfortability. They have grown up watching the cherry trees blossom. Throughout the years…

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  • Parx Casino Case Study

    and six fire & rescue departments. The police department is located in the municipal building located at 2400 Byberry Road in Bensalem Twp. The station is approximately 2.9 miles from the casino. There is a local memorandum of agreement between the Bensalem Twp. Police Department and The Pennsylvania State Police. The Pennsylvania State Police handles all “Gaming Related Areas.” However, “Non-Gaming-Related Areas,” Bensalem PD handles, such as the Food Court and Banquet area, the Parx…

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  • Compare And Contrast Jesse James And Clyde Barrow

    Civil war and Jesse created his gang in Missouri. Most of the robberies they did where in Missouri, but they did rob throughout America. The gang mostly did robberies with banks and trains. Eventually a few of the gang members were captured and killed in a failed robbery in Minnesota. This eventually destroyed the gang but Jesse and his brother Frank got away. They later created a new gang with Ed Miller, Robert Ford, and Charles Ford. This was the last gang Jesse was with until he was murdered…

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  • Julius Winfield Erving: The Greatest Basketball Player

    changed it to the “doctor.” Julius was getting a lot of recognition for the way he was playing at Roosevelt High. Many colleges were begging for him to got to their programs because of what he could provide as a player. Julius finally choose a college which was the University of Massachusetts. After playing a few games Julius was paying off for all the hype about him going to UMass. Only after playing 2 seasons on college Julius was averaging 26.3 points per game and 20.2 rebounds a game. He and…

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  • Eight Men Out Gambling Analysis

    compete to win determined by their set of skills or talents. On the other hand, gambling is where one favors a distinct result in order to gain more money. Therefore, if players continue to use actions similar to the Black Sox then the meaning of a baseball game would be irrelevant. The game should always be played with ones best effort in order to beat the opponent. Thus, purposely fixing games ruins the game and is rather seen as a standard performance or play. Likewise, some suggest that only…

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  • Argumentative Essay On Sports And Politics

    funny stuff to Howard Cosell. Billie Jean King beat Bobby Riggs. Their lionization reassures us that the stands they took were good — and can now be consigned to bygone eras. But the latest intrusion of political talk into sports — whether you deem it excessive or welcome — has had a drastic effect on coverage. It has brought with it a currency and immediacy that we haven’t seen since the ’60s and early ’70s, when athletes like Jim Brown, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and Curt Flood openly talked about…

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  • Eugenics Movement Analysis

    such as Mary Wollstonecraft argued that women’s lack of education harmed their children as children often learned early skills and morality from their mother. Eugenists however feared that education would make women both too independent and unfeminine stating instead, such as Dr. J Richey Horner, “As long as man is attracted by beauty and women by strength, eugenics will in a great measure take care of itself.” Instead of birth control, eugenicists favored forced sterilization. In America…

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  • The Evolution Of Eugenics

    evolution of mankind. With the focus of discontinuing of mentally ill people in order to better humanity. The case regarding Buck V. Bell began the controversy with eugenics. Buck V. Bell was the case that determined it best to sterilize Ms. Buck and her family for the sole purpose of them becoming unable to bore any children due to them being diagnosed as feeble minded individuals. Following the sterilization of the Buck family, thousands of other people were forced to undergo the same…

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  • Power Of Instinct In The Call Of The Wild

    of instinct. Buck and the other dogs are living in the frozen terrain of northern Canada and they experience starvation, exhaustion, and freezing temperatures. Buck is put into a place where he must learn skills in order to survive the harsh conditions. Throughout the story we learn that Buck isn't just learning new skills, but is merely recovering primitive instincts. As you read the book, the author writes in way that seems as if Buck is going back to his old ways. Buck is now becoming…

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  • Eugenics Argumentative Essay

    most popular option became sterilizing, and soon over 30 states had sterilization programs online (Introduction to Eugenics). The sterilization programs targeted the mentally disabled in the beginning, and then targeted substance abusers, convicts, people in poverty, people that were deaf and/or blind, and people with low IQs (Introduction to Eugenics). Some woman that fit the criteria of being “unfit” for the gene pool often had sterilization procedures performed on them when they went…

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