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  • Product A Web Usability Analysis Of Kiplinger's Business Website

    The designers have to find the balance between business goals and objectives and usability of their website. An early focus and user-centered approach to development should be the driving force behind a websites development. Based on Cognitive-Affective Design Considerations, Analysis of Task Sets, Examples of Navigational Theories, Types of Page Layout Organization Associated with Page Purpose, Usability Evaluation of the Site, and Nielsen Usability Heuristics. In addition, allow the effective analysis of commercial websites using a critical eye based on examples of specific factors that directly impact the usability of a website, I was able to determine that Kiplinger’s website designers did find that balance between its corporate business goals and usability for their official web…

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  • Assignment: A Cognitive Walk-Out Of A Mobile Application

    Assignment 3 Summary - In this report, a cognitive walk-through has been conducted of a mobile app “gomoney NZ”1 which is a banking application from ANZ bank mainly used for online transactions. A non-user based evaluation method has been used for finding usability problems and determining various solutions in order to prevent them. The primary task for a banking application is fund transfer, it can be either between users two different accounts or paying a person. In this experiment both…

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  • Describe Design Constraints

    What is the different design consideration between desktop and mobile? When important, designing and arranging your mobile commerce site; should you thin down gratified and features, or try to paraphernalia it all in the mobile variety as well? During our mobile trade usability study the test topics met mobile e-commerce sites adopting widely dissimilar approaches. It turned out that certain approaches had dire consequences. Here’s a sight into the complex quandary of what content and…

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  • The Negative Effects Of Technology In My Life As A Student

    Ezeji 2 Ezeji 1 Daniel Ezeji Professor Currey English 1302-81012 September 18, 2016 Technology in my life as a student Each and every day when I wake up to see the light, I am always amazed by how fast the world is moving with technology. Technology is one of the inevitable circumstance we need to face in life, whether young or aged, male or female, wherever you come from. Technology has proven to serve as a useful tool in our day- to- day human interaction in areas such as business…

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  • Analyzing Apple's Websites

    No website is made instantly available for the people to use, it takes months to debug and finalize it. Larger companies such as Apple must test their websites extensively to ensure that their website is user-friendly and offers easy navigation throughout the site. Apple, one of the largest technology companies, must provide a site that is attractive and eye-catching. Does Apple’s website prove to be an organized and well created website compared to its’ competitors, such as Samsung? Many…

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  • Usability And Responsiveness In Software Design Analysis

    1. Introduction Usability and responsiveness is crucial in software design. According to ISO 9241-210, usability is the “degree to which a product or system can be used by specified users to achieve specified goals with effectiveness, efficiency and satisfaction in a specified context of use” [1]. In particular, the software interface should promote learnability, understandability, and operability [2]. Responsiveness corresponds to the amount of time required to complete an action after the user…

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  • Website Usability In The Retail Grocery Industry

    Over the past number of years, consumers have become accustomed to certain standards in web design. In order to make a lasting impression on website visitors, an experience needs to be built that goes beyond that of a plain, usable website. Usability is crucial online as it has direct impact on the potential revenue a website can produce. Similarly social media can also impact on an organisations bottom line. Social media allows retailers to increase awareness of a product or service, allowing…

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  • Security, Security And Usability Of Windows And Linux

    An operating system (OS) is the main component of computer software and acts as the intermediary between the hardware of the computer and the software programs. Windows is an operating system used by many personal computers and businesses and is familiar to most computer users. Linux is not often found on a store-bought PC and is mainly used as a server’s OS or to host online services. Both are marketed toward two very diverse groups of computer users, but can give their users a similar feeling…

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  • Assess The Importance Of Usability Testing When Making Adverts

    Usability testing is a process used in evaluating how comfortable a service or product can be in achieving its targeted goal. Poor user experience can discourage users, studies show that more than 80% of online customers might not return to a site having experienced poor usability.1 A fantastic user experience can provide a competitive advantage because it increases user satisfaction by reducing the amount of time it takes for users to accomplish their goal on the website which in turn makes…

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  • Microsoft Flight Simulator X

    The collected data are analysed and entered into Statistical Package for Social Science (SPSS). The mean responses for each question were calculated. After completing Tutorial 1: First Takeoff, participants completed the usability questionnaire. The usability of the Microsoft Flight Simulator X was rated on a 4-point scale, whereby a higher number indicates a higher usability score. Table 1 represents the means and standard deviations of usability questionnaire scores while Table 2 represents…

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