Thoracic vertebrae

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  • Essay On Scoliosis

    are the proximal thoracic, main thoracic, and the thoracolumbar region (Miyanji 20). When classifying a curvature, we start by identifying if the curve is structural or nonstructural in each region of the spine; structural curvatures are permanent while nonstructural are not. Each type of curve is made up of a combination of structural and nonstructural regions of the spine. According to an orthopedic specialist, these are the types of curvatures: Main thoracic, Double Thoracic, Double Major,…

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  • Ossification In Fetal Development Essay

    • Describe ossification in fetal development. During development, the fetal bones are made up of cartilaginous tissue, which is like osseous tissue, except it is more flexible. The absence of calcium salts in its intercellular spaces makes it less dense. As development continues, the process of the depositing of calcium salts into the cartilaginous tissue occurs, and continues throughout their life. Ossification is the gradual replacement of cartilage and its intercellular substance by bone…

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  • Baseball Catcher Research Paper

    thoracolumbar fascia. Its insertion is on the internal surface of the lower three ribs and the abdominal aponeurosis to linea alba. These muscles flex the vertebral column. Psoas major origin is at the bodies and transverse process of the lumbar vertebrae. The insertion is at the lesser trochanter. The illiacus origin is the iliac fossa and the insertion is at the lesser trochanter. These muscles flex the trunk toward the thigh. The muscles that are relaxed during the movement of the trunk…

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  • Muscle: Location, Action, Shape, And Function

    position the pectoral girdle include: trapezius (it is superficial covering the back and neck up to the base of the skull inserting on the clavicles and scapular spines), rhomboid/levator scapulae (it is deep to the trapezius attaching to cervical/thoracic vertebrae inserting on the scapular border), serratus anterior (located on the chest originating along the ribs inserting on anterior scapular margin), subclavius (originates on the ribs and inserts on the clavicle), and pectoralis minor…

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  • Summary: The Skeletal System

    elements are ligaments and cartilage. The human skeletal system is divided into two parts; the axial and appendicular skeletons. The axial skeleton is further divided, from superior to inferior regions of the body, into the skull, vertebral column, and thoracic cage. This part of the skeleton is necessary for life. The skull provides protection for the brain. The vertebral column aids in holding up the head and also helps keep the spinal cord…

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  • Muscular Pain Research Paper

    weakness, numbness, or tingling in the area of the body supplied by the nerve. The pain may feel sharp and burning. Spinal nerves leave the spinal cord through openings between the 24 bones (vertebrae) that make up the spine. Radicular pain is often caused by a vertebra or one of the round cushions between vertebrae (intervertebral disks) pushing on a…

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  • Neurosurgery Clinic Interview Report

    PAs work alongside NPs and physicians as colleges and in collaboration with other team embers. In neurosurgery specifically they work with neurosurgeons and get help from general surgeon to put shunt, cardiothoracic surgeon to expose upper thoracic vertebrae or work alongside hospitalists specifically when patients have lots of other comorbidities. In general, there is symbiotic relationship in caring for patient, between the whole health care team. NPs have the same scope of practice and…

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  • Multiple Choice Questions On Pigeons And Fresh Air

    1. What is alula? - Alula is a set of feathers on the first digit of birds which permits a slot on the wing. 2. What is crop milk? – Crop milk is a secretion from the lining of crop of parent…

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  • Dolphins Morphology

    Introduction A vertebrate is characterized by the vertebral column as it is part of their axial skeleton. Its main function is to act as a communication pathway between the brain and the body of the vertebrate. Usually, vertebrates have a fixed number of vertebral column, but there are variations in the number of vertebral columns within the cetacean species. Dolphins are vertebrates and are one of the fastest swimming species due to their morphological stability. The morphology can determine…

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  • Idiopathic Scoliosis Case Studies

    Introduction: The human spine is made out of 33 vertebrae that unite together to form a singular structure usually known as the vertebral column. It provides structural support, flexibility, and balance to maintain a vertical upright posture. A healthy normal vertebral column is straight and has front to back curves. The curve in the neck area is called the cervical spine, the curve in the upper back is called the thoracic spine, and the curve located in the lower back is known as the lumbar…

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