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  • Dr David Malin Case Study

    Dr David Marlin is a scientist with more than 25 years experience in biochemistry and physiology. He started off at the Stirling University in Scotland studying physiology and computing from 1978 to 1981. Finishing his degree David went on to train with dressage coach and rider Judy Harvey a fellow of the British Horse Society (FBHS) and Federation Equestre Internationale (FEI) International dressage judge. Continuing David then went on to do a PhD on exercise physiology at the University of Loughborough,1989, which is the leading sports university in the UK after studying “The responses of Thoroughbred racehorses to exercise and training” for 4 years in the world renowned Animal Health Trust in Newmarket, 1985. During David 's time here he…

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  • Persuasive Essay On The Rights Of Animals

    Animal welfare is making sure the well-being of an animal is met. There is much controversy worldwide regarding the rights and ethical treatment of animals and many disputes within the sport of thoroughbred racing. According to Dr. John Webster, Professor of Animal Husbandry at the University of Bristol, there are five freedoms that humans need to strive to provide for their animals: Freedom from thirst, hunger, and malnutrition, freedom from discomfort, freedom from pain, injury, and disease,…

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  • Why Is Horse Racing Wrong

    malnourished, trained and raced until they can’t any longer, while others claim that these animals are getting treated as royalty and enjoy their “jobs” as they would call it. In my opinion there needs to be compromise. Instead of eliminating the horse racing industry or leaving the few inhumane activities within it we should strive to make reforms to protect these beautiful horses. Bonnie Erbe is a radio host and contributing editor of the U.S. News and World Report. In Erbe’s article Horse…

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  • Kentucky Derby Facts

    Kentucky Derby Facts The one thing which I loved the most when I lived in New York City was to go to horse races during the late spring and summer at Belmont Park in Long Island. There was something so exciting about it and I just love horses they are so wonderful. The biggest thrill was the Triple Crown which began with the Kentucky Derby in Kentucky, went on to the Preakness in Maryland and finally the Belmont Stakes in New York. I never put too much money on the horses but it was a thrilling…

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  • Physical Issues In Race Horses

    hard to achieve. Unless the horse is known to be 100% bombproof (sound under any conditions), the horse will most definitely let the rider know when sore or has an issue with something in the nearby surroundings. As said from a professional chiropractor, “It’s mostly aggression and objection. Often horses will experience some discomfort during treatment, particularly in circumstances of severe injuries. In such cases, it’s common for horses to kick or bite during treatment.” This also means…

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  • Horse Racing Research Paper

    Thoroughbred Racing Since the late 1900’s horses evolved from an animal of practicality and transportation to one of pleasure, trade and gambling. Thoroughbred racing is a worldwide industry involving the gambling, racing and breeding of thoroughbred horses. The racing industry is multinational and followed all around the world, with the UK and Ireland, USA, France, Italy, Australia and New Zealand being the major influences in the breeding and production of thoroughbred racehorses. The New…

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  • Seabiscuit Analysis

    Everyone loves a good underdog story. Throughout history there have been many stories of the little guy beating the odds. There are the famous stories such as David and Goliath, or The Tortoise and the Hare, that we pass on through generations. In all these stories of improbable victory the story of Seabiscuit rises above the rest in American culture. In Laura Hillenbrand's book an awkward, and stubborn horse named Seabiscuit becomes an unlikely hero as he is trained by an even more unlikely…

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  • Hadaybit Asalem Endurance Case Study

    INTRODUCTION OF THE ORGANISATION Hadaybit Asalem Endurance is the stable of Endurance horses located in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, established on Feb 2003. The Director and Trainer of Hadaybit Asalem Endurance, Mr. Hassan bin Ali who had luck enough to be the racing manager for HH Shk Hamdan bin Rashid Al Maktoum for years.Endurance Rides are races over a trail of 50 to 150 miles. Hadaybit Asalem Endurance is well regarded for having one of the UAE’s most comprehensive systems of administering…

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  • Persuasive Essay About Horse Racing

    From athletic potential to bloodlines and conformation to temperament, there are various aspects on which breeders can influence. It is needless to say that Thoroughbred horses are born to race and built for speed. Based on this evidence, there a common belief that acute injuries and death are rare among the horse racing industry. However, it is a myth. The truth is that the thousand pound Thoroughbreds are powerful, yet fragile. According to the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals…

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  • Muscles In Racehorses

    ANEQ 305 Muscles in Racehorses There are many ways in which researchers can examine muscles of thoroughbred racehorses. They can look at the amount of, and different types of muscle fibers found in thoroughbreds, the muscles ability to adapt to high intensive exercise, the effects from changing the inclination the horse is exercising on, and if age and gender affect the way the muscles react. The thoroughbred horse stems back to a founder stallion that makes up 95% paternal and 9 to 10…

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