Thoracic vertebrae

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  • Muscles In The Human Body

    Rostrup 1993). In fetal pigs, the gluteus medius is bigger than the gluteus maximus, which is the opposite for humans (Miller 1998). A similarity between humans and fetal pigs would be how the latissimus dorsi connects to the humerus and the thoracic and lumbar vertebrae, and how they both function to flex the shoulder (Miller 1998). Another similarity would be how the gastrocnemius, in both the human and fetal pig, connects from the distal end of the femur to the Achilles tendon, and they both…

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  • Baseball Swing Movement Analysis

    The movement that was chosen for the movement analysis paper is baseball swing movement from the initial setup to the follow through after contact with the ball. There will be Four phases that tie in the entire movement analysis. Those 4 phases include the loading phase, timing phase, the launching phase, and the follow through after the swing (Van Such, 2016). Each batter has their own unique stance based on how they plant their feet and hold the bat. However, regardless of their batting…

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  • Giraffe Research Paper

    related to the Okapi. A Giraffe’s body is unusual in comparison to most ungulates, its body sloping down from the shoulders to the rump. However, all four legs are approximately equal length and the slope is caused by the tall dorsal spines on the thoracic vertebrae. Giraffes are known for their unique elongated neck and their colouration of yellow base or background skin colour, with tan or dark brown spots…

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  • What Is Meant By Agonist In Muscle Pairs

    What is meant by “agonist and antagonist muscle pairs”? Give an example What is meant by agonist in muscle pairs is that it does the majority of the workload in an exercise and is considered the prime mover (primarily responsible for movement). The antagonist in respect to the agonist counteracts. The antagonist helps allow the agonist to perform a task. An example could be the biceps brachii contracts when doing elbow flexion. While the antagonist would be the triceps brachii relaxing during…

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  • Mild Trauma Case Study

    Evaluation Client Name: Xavier Age: 48-year-old Diagnosis: Left forearm structure, stress fracture on Lower, Thoracic and upper lumbar. Medical/Surgical History: Mild concussion (mild TBI) at the injury other than unknown. Occupational Profile Xavier is a 48-year Latino male, speaks Spanish primarily, but also English, lives with his seven months pregnant wife and 8-year-old twin boys. As a head of the house, he works as a printer for a large commercial company. When not working, he enjoys…

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  • The Ancient Egyptian Medicine: The Papyrus Ebers

    Egyptian Medicine According to the dictionary, medicine is defined as “any substance or substances used in treating a disease or illness” ( It has been stated that one of the oldest documented medicine are those of the Ancient Egyptians, which were also one of the first to have practicing physicians who prescribed medicine. Aside from having practicing physicians prescribe medicine mainly from herbs and animals, the ancient Egyptians were also the first to practice surgical…

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  • A Career In The Medical Field Analysis

    checked his vital, informed him of the solutions we would have to put in his IV and then left to go to the next patient. Patient two was Nancy L., the year prior she had been in a serious automobile accident where she fracture several cervical and thoracic vertebrae which required them to be fused. Complications continued in her GI tract which led to immediate surgery in her abdomen, however infection occurred, necrosis developed and several other surgeries occurred resulting in a colostomy. Due…

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  • Stem Cells

    function below the injury. These injuries often occur as a result of acceleration-deceleration events like crashes. If the injury occurs in the cervical region the result is no movement below the neck (tetraplegia) and if the injury occurs in the thoracic region the result in no movement below the arms (paraplegia). Incomplete injuries are when the injury is not across the whole spinal and at least some of the cord remains attached. In this case the spinal cord is usually torn or stretched. As…

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  • Fitness Test Essay

    adjusts to a positive nutritional intake. LEARNING EXPERIENCE 1 List the major bones of the body and at least one muscle that attaches to each (minimum of fifteen). List of major bones in the body, including a muscle attached to each: CERVICAL VERTEBRAE (7) – Trapezius…

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  • Low Back Injury In Rowing

    Abstract Rowing is a very famous sport in western countries, but today it also shows a growth in other parts of the world as well. The sport is developed with background environment which present with rivers and lakes that also makes athletes to enjoy the natural beauty of the environment. This fantastic sport is very competitive and requires cardiovascular fitness, proper techniques and anaerobic power to move a boat in a rowing race. Unfortunately, this fantastic sport give rise to…

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