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  • Radioographic Reflection Paper

    In short an examination of the bones in the thorax and foot do not require much preparation, however, since the patient was female the removal of a bra or any metal that may obstruct the anatomy in question is generally necessary. Luckily, the patient for this exam had worn a sports bra in anticipation of radiographic procedures, yet still she was verbally prepared for the exams with a brief description of the images that would be taken. Furthermore, just as the patient is prepared for a procedure so too is the examination room prepared. The examination required preparation for both upright and table images to do so a sheet and pillow were laid on the table to increase patient comfort and decrease contamination to the table. In addition to this, the tube head was angled toward the upright…

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  • The Whitetail Deer: A Short Story

    It is almost dark. Taj is standing near his fallen prey, a male whitetail deer. He watches it for a while so that he can be sure that the deer is deceased. Because he sees that it is, he does not cut its throat. He looks for a slope so that he can position the deer in such a way that the intestines spill out easily. Not seeing any slopes nearby that he can drag the deer to, he decides to stick with the spot the deer lies. Taj walks over to the deer. He then kneels down, removes his pack, and…

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  • Blood Guts And. Am I Cut Out For This?

    Blood, Guts and... Am I cut out for this? Receiving that unexpected yet exciting text message, was like an invitation to meet the Queen or maybe better in my case. Was I going to hold a human beings heart in which I had no idea who they were or have any clue what I was doing. Or maybe I was going to be lifting their blood pumping organ out of his chest like a sacrifice I was making to the hospital gods. I drove down to the hospital as calmly as possible, trying not to let my thoughts get the…

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  • Dubas Bug Ommatissus Lybicus Case Study

    clusters used to distinguish between the five nymphal instars (Al-Kindi et al., 2017; Al-Khatri, 2011; Al Sarai Al Alawi, 2015; Hussain, 1963; Howard and Wilson, 2001). Caudal filaments numbers in each nymphal instar are consistent and increase after each nymphal moult (Al Sarai Al Alawi, 2015). In addition, nymphs can jump for a short distance when disturbed (Howard and Wilson, 2001). First nymphal instars are 0.8 - 1.25 mm long and pale gray in colour. They characterize with obvious dark…

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  • Shoulder Joint Lab Report

    possesses a disc. Its ligaments include the capsule, acromioclavicular ligament, and coracoclavicular ligament. (3)  The scapulothoracic articulation : The Scapulothoracic articulation is not a true anatomic joint as it has none of the usual joint characteristics (union by fibrous, cartilaginous, or synovial tissues). It is an articulation of the scapula with the thorax which depends on the integrity of the anatomic acromioclavicular and sternoclavicular joints. The sternoclavicular…

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  • The Homarus: The True Lobster

    appendages on the abdomen. The physical structure of the organisms in this class consist of the head first, then the abdomen, then the thorax. Each structural part of the body consists of segments. The head has five segments, the abdomen has 6 segments, and the thorax has eight segments. Also, all animals in this class have branching out limbs and an exoskeleton. Basic Physical Feature of the American Lobster The Homarus americanus isthe largest species of lobster and can grow up to lengths of…

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  • Features Of A Cockroach

    utilized for different arthropods because of their common developmental history. Three physical highlights isolate insects from different arthropods: they have a body separated into three locales (head, thorax, and mid-region). There is tremendous variety in body structure among insect species. These variety enable insects to involve relatively every environmental specialty on the planet, aside from the profound sea and the Antarctic. Because of its life span, on earth, cockroach is thought to…

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  • Essay On Blue Crabs

    prefers rivers ,lagoons,and bays. Picture Blue Crab Reproduction Blue Crabs reproduce sexually. They take five to twelve hours to mate. Once mating is completed, the female crab takes 14 to 17 days until the offspring are ready to come out. A single female crab may have up to 3.2 million eggs per litter. Shortly after, the mother moves her larvae to water with high salinity. Picture Invertebrates in the class Malacostraca have certain characteristics that can be used to identify them as one…

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  • Ectopia Cordis Research Paper

    ECTOPIA CORDIS Ectopia Cordis is a disfigurement of the heart where it is abnormally located partially or completely outside of the thorax cavity. It affects 8 out of 1 million babies and 90% are stillborn or die within the first three days of their life. There are other types of ectopia cordis. One type is called Cervical Ectopia cordis which is a type of 5% of the total cases. The heart is located in the neck of the infant. The second type is Thoracic Ectopia cordis that is of 65% of the…

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  • Arthropod Groups Essay

    differed in structure and modes of life. Biramia includes arthropods with double-branched appendages (e.g., Trilobita and Crustacea). Uniramia includes arthropods with single branched appendages (e.g., Hexapoda). (Robison and Kaesler, 1987) Class Trilobita Trilobites are Early Cambrian to Late Permian marine arthropods. The trilobites were benthic deposit feeders, and possibly suspension feeders or limited carnivores. They had three anteroposterior lobes: two lateral lobes which covered the…

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