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  • Persuasive Essay On Taking Care Of Medical Patients

    Taking Care Of Doctor 's Becoming a medical doctor allows an individual to make an impact on the world by healing the sick. In the United States and in other countries becoming a physician is well respected for this reason. As a physician you must dedicate a lot of time and make many sacrifices. Most people ignore the amount of time medical doctors spending work that too often they neglect their needs. Essentially because most medical doctors do not always feel it is necessary.…

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  • 8 Functions Of The Skin Essay

    Functions of the skin: There are eight main functions associated with the skin. These are as follows... 1. Secretion – the skin secretes sebum from the sebaceous glands. This fatty substance lubricates the hair shafts and when combined with perspiration on the surface of the skin, it creates a natural moisturiser which acts as a protective barrier against bacteria. 2. Heat regulation – body temperature is maintained in healthy humans at 37oC (98.6oF). organs involved in heat production are…

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  • Becoming A Physician

    At a young age some people know what career they would. Others don 't figure that out until college when having a better understanding of who he or she is. This vital when considering becoming a physician is an enormous commitment . Becoming a doctor allows an individual to do various things such as making an impact on the world . In the United States and in other countries becoming a physician is well respected for several reasons. One of the many reasons is because in order to become a…

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  • How It Feels To Be Colored Me And Modernism Analysis

    One the defining tendencies of Modernist writers is the rather melancholy stance they seem to take while pondering the world. They often suggest rather than state, emphasize questions over answers, and generally show rather than tell. All of this reinforcing the deep dissatisfaction they have with the traditions of society. Thus, it is particular interesting to look at a piece of Modernist literature that breaks the typical Modernist mold. For while Zora Hurston’s “How it Feels to be Colored Me”…

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  • We Do Abortions Here By Sallie Tisdale

    Abortion is not a new concept. It has been around since ancient times, although the fierce and sometimes violent discussions about its ethical and moral place in the world are much more recent. The short story "We Do Abortions Here" was written by Sallie Tisdale and published in 1987. This piece takes a unique view of abortion. It never picks a side outright and even the main character, a nurse in an abortion clinic, seems to have her doubts. The subtle and descriptive language used provides the…

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  • The Relationship Between Obesity And Type 2 Diabetes

    According to (Narayan et al,2000), Type 2 diabetes is a very common chronic illness suffered by 2.5 million people in UK. The concerning figures of diabetes are estimated to increase by 42% in industrialised countries and 170% in industrialising countries between 1995 and 2025 (Narayan et al,2000). In this essay I will be discussing about the the relationship between obesity and type 2 diabetes, genetic susceptibility towards causing type 2 diabetes and effects of obesity on the functioning of…

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  • Courtship Behavior

    Darwin’s second observation was that of sexual selection (Hosken & House, 2011). Sexual selection selects for traits that make an individual more successful in finding a mate and producing offspring (Kansehiro, 2009). Most often, this type of selection involves males (Hosken & House, 2011). A prominent example of a male trait that is subject to sexual selection is courtship behaviour (Eberhard, 1994). Courtship allows mates (most often females) to gain information about the quality of their…

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  • Comparing The Psychological Impacts Of The Iraq And Afghanistan Wars

    Psychological Impacts of the Iraq and Afghanistan Wars Have you ever watched the movie American Sniper, Lone Survivor, or any other movies based on the Iraq and Afghanistan wars, and replayed the action scenes because “that was so cool”? If you have, your definition of “cool” severely varies from the definition of soldiers fighting in those wars. Those scenes, which may excite the average United States citizen to watch, may happen to be the memories that haunt and mentally tear apart the…

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  • Porifer Animalia

    Kingdom: Animalia Phylum: Porifera Classification information for Poriferans: Poriferans, better known as sponges, consist of 5000 known species, all located primarily in marine and fresh waters (Myers, 2001a). They are multicellular, heterotrophic, invertebrates with an irregular shape and no distinct pattern of symmetry (Myers, 2001a). Overall, they are the simplest of animals; thus, lacking any true tissue and/or germ layers (Myers, 2001a). Furthermore, they are known to be highly sessile,…

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  • The Benefits Of Fetal Surgery

    No matter how small a human is, every being deserves chance to be treated. Fetal surgery has been introduced and developed rapidly over the past decades. It has become an important way to save and provide a good quality of life for the unborn children. Over the years several approaches have been developed for conducting fetal surgery, depending on patient’s condition and the best ways to repair the abnormality in the uterus. As other medical interventions, fetal surgery has its risks and…

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