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  • The Hobbit Literary Analysis Essay

    At the end of the tale, since you knew that Thorin and his nephews were dead or dying, and you knew the battle had been won, but there would be no celebrating on that day, you felt bad. The movie watcher pitied Thorin for losing everything, but succeeding in the end, it was the fact that he would never get to see the fruits of his labor that made the watcher pity him, and it was this same success that made you feel so much joy! The dwarves had their home back, but at what cost? What did they have to give away to get this, any why did someone’s death, someone who was clearly not real cause such a stirring of the emotions of the…

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  • Bilbo's Discovery Of Bravery In The Hobbit By JRR Tolkien

    Bilbo’s Discovery of Bravery An American soldier, Omar. W Bradley once said, “bravery is the capacity to perform properly even when scared half to death”( In the novel, The Hobbit by JRR Tolkien, Bilbo Baggins, a timid and meek hobbit, proves this true, as he overcomes his sheepishness, and battles terrifying creatures along his extensive journey. Bilbo Baggins is just an ordinary hobbit who is forced into an adventure, but the experiences along the journey teach him how to…

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  • Friendship In The Hobbit

    Bilbo takes the Arkenstone as his 14th of the treasure, and give it away so the men and elves have something to sway the greed within Thorin. This shows the companionship and not friendship. If Bilbo was a friend of the dwarves, he would never have done this. He is simply a comrade of theirs, and he gave the stone away because he does not want any violence to happen. This was more of a noble act than an act of friendship. There is still connection between Bilbo and the dwarves. When he finished…

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  • Bilbo Transformation In The Hobbit

    is often told to complete certain tasks. Basically, the hobbit is the member who has to follow all orders from others. For example, when Bilbo and his group are in the woods, and they find the trolls, Thorin orders Bilbo, ‘“ You must go on and find out all about that light, and what it is for… come back if you can!”’(34). Bilbo obeys and ends up screwing up. He is a futile hobbit in the beginning. However, as Bilbo gains courage and becomes a more skilled burglar, he takes the lead and makes…

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  • Bilbo Baggins Character Analysis

    British Literature ACP 29 August 2014 A Heroic Hobbit and Deft Dwarves J. R. R. Tolkien’s The Hobbit portrays a wide range of characters throughout the novel. In which, a tale wrought with adventure and danger unfolds with two unlikely forces aiding one another in order to achieve a common goal. The hobbit, Bilbo Baggins, is a well to do little creature who enjoys a quiet life in his comfortable hole in the earth. In fact, upon Gandalf inquiring about Bilbo accompanying him on an adventure, the…

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  • Theme Of Wandering In The Hobbit

    living the life that he was always wanted, he wasn’t happy. He realized that riches and wealth aren't the most important things in life and that it can’t buy his happiness. It can, however, start to blur the line between greed and gratification. Meanwhile, Thorin and the dwarves have reclaimed their homeland, Erebor. In the Lonely Mountain is an immeasurable amount of wealth including gold, white gems, silver, emeralds, and rubies. Dwarves are known to become enchanted by the sight of gold and…

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  • Nature Of Greed In The Hobbit

    In conclusion, this study relates to The Hobbit by J.R.R Tolkien since Tolkien clearly portrays evil through greed. And in this novel, various characters are driven by greed. In relation, I believe that this real life scenario is something we see everywhere. In the novel, The Hobbit by J.R.R Tolkien, the ruthless battle between good and evil is portrayed through three significant characters: Thorin the dwarf, Sméagol the hobbit and Thranduil the Elvenking which teaches us that the root of all…

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  • The Hobbit Allusion Essay

    An example of this is when Gandalf saves Thorin and company in the goblin caves. As written, ‘Suddenly, a sword flashed in its own light. Bilbo saw it go right through the Great Goblin as he stood dumbfounded in the middle of his rage’ (pg 61). This is also an example of a Deus ex Machina, as the wizard swoops in and saves the characters at the last minute. Second, is most of the times Thorin gets presented with his honorary title. He says, “‘Thorin, son of Thrain son of Thror, King Under the…

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  • What Is Bilbo's Transformation In The Hobbit

    Gandalf has in store for him. Gandalf shows up on Bilbo 's doorstep one day, and the bothered hobbit gets himself got up to speed in an inexorably disturbing discussion in which the wizard starts to talk of sending Bilbo on an experience. Completely frustrated, the hobbit closes the discussion and hastens once again into his gap yet strictly when accidentally welcoming the wizard to tea the following day. At the point when Gandalf returns, with him come thirteen dwarves, including the strong…

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  • Greetings Bilbo Character Analysis

    A few years after his journey, and the death of Thorin Oakenshield, Bilbo was sitting comfortably in his hobbit hole, reading a novel, when he heard knocking on his door. He assumed it to be the Sackville-Baggins. But his guess was incorrect as it was a much taller, but skinnier dwarf that he had never seen before. His name was Fendrel, shield of Dain. He was a personal bodyguard of dain. “Greetings Bilbo Baggins, I am Fendrel Shield of Dain” “Come sit down and have some tea-” Bilbo replied, but…

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