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  • Reflective Essay: Community And Community Connections

    The theme that stood out to me this week was that of community and community connections. In this commentary I will first I will talk about the hindrances that face teachers that are not native to small town communities. I will also address the problems of partnering with colleges and universities while being in a rural setting. Last I will address the idea of sharing personal histories helping student connect to each other through their similarities and differences. This week’s topic of community connections has been a difficult one for me. Growing up I never had roots to one place. I moved all over the state of Iowa never living anywhere more than five years, and never in an ‘urban’ area. As a teaching professional I have only lived in this community for three years, and as in most small Iowa towns to have any influence to do anything including in the school system, you have to be one of three types of people. One, born in the community and move back as a professional. Two, your grandparents were from the community and still live here, or three, you are married with kids and have made friends with an influential native of the community. Without one of these three factors, there is little chance of getting any community by in to have elders of the community come and share the stories of…

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  • Fall Break Reflection

    This week was a little difficult not because of school because it is the week before fall break. Last year, did not have fall break due to basketball, but this year I did. (The week of September the twenty- sixth to October the second.) My mind was not on anything school this entire week, but I knew if I wanted my behavior to stick I would have to keep it up. The week was not that bad. All my teacher were taking notes and just getting ready for mid-terms after fall break. Thursday we had project…

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  • Brown Bear Greeting: My Experience In The Classroom

    This week, I was able to be more involved in the actual teaching within the classroom. Last week, I monitored student behavior a lot and made sure that everyone was on task when they were supposed to be. However, this week I taught morning meeting and skills block. During morning meeting, we would listen to the daily announcements on the overhead, then I would call everyone down to the carpet to sit in a circle. We began each day with a friendly greeting. This week it was “Brown Bear…

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  • Personal Narrative: A Career In Fitness

    enjoying the feeling. How did this happen? How did the girl, who had never set foot into a gym, end up training for a half marathon? I was never the most athletic person. To be fair, I always enjoyed leisurely exercise, like going on a hike on the weekends, or canoeing at my cottage, but never came close to a “jock”. So when I started to consider a degree in kinesiology, it was understandable that I was met with some confusion. “Do you even play sports?” “How are you going to fit in with people…

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  • Freshman Orientation Case Study

    Freshman orientations can be more than just an event – think about that you’re dropped in a completely new world with different faces and even different languages. And how many times you thought, “That’s just too much to take in a short time”? Orientation becomes more and more important when a campus is increasing the diversity of its student body. I have gathered some information of the problems exist with orientation week. I will also analyze these questions and give some workable solution to…

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  • How Did Little Tokyo Influence Japanese American Culture

    Little Tokyo: a relatively small 67 acres of land, rich with cultural and social history, a hotspot for tourists and Los Angeles natives alike, a landmark of Japanese American society right in the center of downtown Los Angeles. With its roots tracing as far back as the 1880’s, even to this day it continues to bring in and entertain tourists daily, with its small town charm and many interesting and exciting attractions. Little Tokyo serves as a hub for Japanese culture and tradition, new and…

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  • Case Study: SFU Fashion Week

    Day #3: SFU Fashion Week Females and fashion were terms that practically go hand in hand. The practice of clothing consumption was typically regarded to being a female issue however in modern society, men in the fashion industry have become more widely accepted. Historically, men were known to be the producers to motivate women to consume (Blakewell, Mitchell, & Rothwell, 2006). At season three of SFU Fashion Week, while a majority of the guests attending were female, there were an ample…

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  • Kimono Case Study

    Many Japanese terms, like “kimono” has been used to named a clothing style which is exactly not a real Kimono. This is very interesting to see how the Japanese style from the middle ages until these developed days have been accepted really well to the people around the world. One of the biggest Fashion Show in Japan is Tokyo Fashion Week. This bundled Fashion Shows has been aired around the world and being as level as other biggest Fashion Week in the world, such as; Paris Fashion Week, Milan…

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  • Blackness In Pop Culture

    But what does seem new is that the stigma attached to rappers and their sometimes unwanted endorsements has faded. I wonder if this has more to do with with the marketing power of these musicians, now that fashion has become such a big business, than a genuine appreciation of their taste. One needs only to be reminded of those recent incidents of racial profiling—for instance, when two black youths were accosted by the police for legally and soundly buying fashion goods at a prestigious…

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  • Men's Fashion Cloths Essay

    sense. For this reason they attempted to separate there dressing sense from others. A few models of these "emerging" turned out to be exceptionally main-stream and were taken after, adored and amplified in value by more individuals. This was the minute when fashion showed up. At the present minute fashion affects the life of individuals and Apparel has turned into a fundamental piece of self-acknowledgment…

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