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  • Cicadas Chirping: A Short Story

    Cicadas chirping. The sweltering heat and the sweetness of the tangerines. Her hands find their way across the ocean of blankets and rest on my feet. “What are you doing, weirdo?” She only grins and shrugs. “I dunno. Your feet smell nice, ya know?” “Ewww!” I’m giggling and I pull my feet away shyly. Cicadas chirping. Chloe’s dad brought over an electric fan from the attic. The current of air keeps the sweat off of my face. “You want to go downstairs? You do know that it’s colder down there, right?” She scoffs. “Colder? Nah. Less melty? Maybe.” “Melty isn’t a word.” “Sure is! Once I invent it I’ll get super rich!” “Wowzers, you’ll be really famous.” “Umm, is that sarcasm I detect Caulfield?” She shifts and turns to look at me with this pouty glare. I backpedal and stutter out,” U-uh, nothing! I’ll always support you no matter what! … Heh?” “Haha, chillax Max! You haven’t angered the great goddess and superhero Chloe Price. Yet.” “Well that’s a relief,” I sigh dramatically. She smiles toothily and stares up at the ceiling. There’s a comfortable silence, for a short while, save for some background noise. The summer grass swishing along the sidewalk, a Shepherd Pitbull barking two blocks away and somehow travels a lot farther than expected. Chloe’s listening to indie music I’ve never heard before. She says it’s almost as cool as rock music, and I believe her. It sounds nice and listening to it gives me a serenity I’ve never experienced before. I begin to close my eyes and drift.…

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  • Flooring Experience

    I am assuming that you are truly aware of what is going on with the unit. The handling of this situation has been slime to known. The reason for this since this whole process started back at the end of August. I put a work order in for the dishwasher to be fixed. The Mountain Gate maintenance staff did a wonderful job on completing this work order. There was an email later sent out asking about my true representation of the property and unit. I did feel this out and was truly honest with it.…

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  • Carlos Now Gone Poem

    The now gone Carlos was for me a brother, more than that a twin. Even more than that we were a cell floating in space that was separated a day of October. A day that I can not bring back as I can not bring back memories I wish I could revisit. But that is life, and in life everything grows and everything dies. Carlos was having some good time in Chile, his native country. He moved back two years after I moved. By that time we use to talk from time to time, mostly to remember rather than to…

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  • Perseverance In The Call Of The Wild

    Switching life styles or even a small change can cause many new traits and you have to desire much perseverance.During The Call Of The Wild Buck was taken out of his lovely home and had to work much harder, he did not have a choice and got hurt physically a lot. In Contrast my dad switched jobs and had to learn how to control his new life and find time for everything, without getting too stressed. While my Dad and Buck are very different, there experience are kinda the same. They had to learn…

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  • Realism In Tobias Wolff's 'Bullet In The Brain'

    only it is like watching a film, but the fact that a dead character can have its last memory describe like he was still alive causes the story to lean on the imaginative side. On page 853, Ander is said to remember the first time he felt roused by two words and how it marked him forever and made him who he was. It brings a sort of hope that he might not have died, because after enlightening that he used to be a gentle boy in his past days, there is a sort of need to believe that all of this was…

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  • Analysis Of Jakob By Lindsay Hawdon

    Reading the title of the book reveals one of the main characters, Jakob. The back of the book reveals more information about him. He is a Roma boy living in Austria during World War II. He is trying to run from the Nazi’s persecution of the Roma people within Europe. Colors seem to play an important part in the book as they are in the title and are described in the back of the book. This book is a fictional story written by Lindsay Hawdon. After writing this book, she traveled to seven different…

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  • Analysis Of We Are All Human By Mr Hodgman

    We are all Human Throughout life, humans go through an endless journey called life. And in that life span one must overcome several challenges live throws at you. Since we cannot tell the future, the obstacles that we face might end up changing our whole lives. In the memoir, Hodgman shows us that even though we are different in our own way, we can still relate to someone who might face the same challenges as we. Furthermore, one way that I can relate to Mr. Hodgman is that in the way he…

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  • Randa Jarrar's A Map Of Home

    Do you know anyone who has left their homeland to move to the USA? Looking for a job and better opportunities. This concept can be seen in Randa Jarrar’s book A Map of Home. Bruce Anders thinks and feels a certain way of some particular things of this book. In his presentation on Randa Jarrar’s A Map of Home’s Twelfth Chapter, Anders gives his opinion. Anders starts by quoting, “When I thought living in America, I pictured straw yellow hair, surfboards, snow…I tasted ketchup and mustard and…

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  • Effective Listening: Essentials Of Human Communication

    “Effective listening is listening that is tailored to the specific communication situation” (DeVito 2013). According to Essentials of Human Communication, effective listening is also known as situational listening. Depending on the situation that you are in, you may alter your listening skills to listen more effectively. Do you know how well you listen? This question will be illustrated in further detail throughout the course of this paper, as well as the different styles of effective listening,…

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  • How Does Down Syndrome Affect Children

    Down Syndrome is one of the most prevalent and yet misunderstood conditions today. In light of this fact, here we present a list of 18 things parents of children who have the condition want you to know. Check it out for yourself below - you might be surprised by what you learn! Number Eighteen: Children Who Have Down Syndrome Are Happy It's a common misconception that because of the hardships children with Down Syndrome face, they struggle to experience happiness like other children. However,…

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