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  • Emma Watson Case Study

    As one can see, NicoleAlexis goes against the idea that Emma Watson is a perfect representation of what a feminist should be, which is propagated by the media and by the United Nations (Connor, 2016). Rather, the Goodreads user takes a “critical distance” from Watson and formulates that Watson might have a more narrow vision of feminism instead of being intersectional and considering that other factors such as race, abilities, and sexual orientation influence gender inequalities (Jenkins, 1992, p.284; Gines, 2011, p.275). This belief led to a verbal argument with another user, Helen, who strongly disagrees with NicoleAlexis’ views (Our Shared Shelf, 2016). Helen seems to be influenced by the emotional proximity that she feels towards Watson, which leads her insult those who do not support her views (Jenkins, 1992, p.284). This is linked to another feature, which Jenkins discusses: fandoms have notable critical and interpretive practices (Jenkins, 1992, p.284). This includes knowing the fans’ preferred reading of an object; in this case, the preferred reading would be that Emma is a good model of feminism (Jenkins, 1992,…

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  • Jeopardy: Big Data Analysis

    al, 2010). Watson was not connected to the internet during the competition (Clive, 2010). Researchers spent years feeding Watson information that is stored in its memory. During the game, the questions were input manually in text format for Watson, while simultaneously reading the clues aloud to the other contestants. Watson was programmed with a machine-synthesized voice that was heard from a speaker on set (Clive, 2010). Rather than focusing on whether or not Watson could defeat a human…

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  • Groundhog Day Case Analysis

    IBM is cleansing titanic assets into Watson, the Jeopardy-winning took off quick purpose of repression change that is starting now being lifted to affiliations. It 's pitched as having the capacity to settle on mind blowing choices and give time tried targets in attempts like government incapacity and money related affiliations. IBM says that business is developing, however motivations driving interest are fundamentally nothing. In February, CEO Ginni Rometty said the nonappearance of data is in…

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  • Effects Of How 9/11 Changed The World

    Hunter Wilson Mrs. Laura Taylor Advanced Composition August 30th, 2016 How 9/11 Changed The World: Many people were just heading to work, some even just waking up. Others doing things you would normally expect on average day such as 9/11. However this was before the unexpected struck the nation, literally. The world trade center also know as the twin towers, along with the pentagon were struck by passenger jets. Many people were in shock, as something like this had not happened to the United…

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  • Conflict Between The Rich And The Poor

    He is a veteran newsman and pollster with more than 30 years of experience in newspaper journalism. Before joining the Pew Research Center, he served as polling editor, staff writer and columnist for The Washington Post. He serves on the executive council of the American Association for Public Opinion Research and on the board of directors for the Roper Center for Public Opinion Research at the University of Connecticut. He has authored reports on veterans, the recession and the middle class…

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  • The Importance Of Advocacy For The Arts

    of arts advocacy. The main reason I am focusing toward young adults is because young adults are the ones who use technology the most; they spend the most amount of time on the internet. If we utilize technology and these young adults in the quest to fixing this problem, the arts and technology would both benefit. The arts have a significant impact on young adults. The students need to be exposed to help enhance their experiences, as well as their minds. With a website and social media, students…

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  • What Are The Major Flaws In Shakespeare's Work

    This theory was developed by J. Thomas Looney in 1918. J. Looney built his theory around the belief that Shakespeare didn't travel enough to be able to write about all of the things that he included in his plays. That belief lead him to Ed de Vere. Vere was well traveled, well educated, and had some connections to the theatre. It really seemed like Ed de Vere was the author of Shakespeare's plays, but just like all the other theories, this theory had many flaws. One flaw in this theory was that…

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  • Technology Argument Essay

    When it comes to the argument of whether technology overall benefits this generation or inhibits it, Janna Anderson and Lee Rainie as well as Jennifer Gabriel have created articles that present efficient information on the two standpoints. Anderson, staff member at Elon University, and Rainie, member of the Pew Research Center, examine whether today’s younger generation has been altered from constant technology use in their article entitled “The Future of the Internet,” published in 2012.…

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  • Civil Rights For Minors

    The right to be forgotten, or the right to have personal information deleted from the internet and/or any other devices, ought to be a civil right for minors due to the foolish mistakes of minors, the backlash of past relationships, and the criminal records of juveniles are already being expunged. A common thought that doesn’t cross the average internet users mind is, the permanency of their posts and/or actions. This trend occurs mostly in minors up to the age of twenty-one. According to the…

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  • Social Media And Politics

    Social Media is Helping Presidential Candidates Social media has grown exponentially during the last years. Twitter, Facebook, and other social networks are now the main source of where people get their news. Politicians take advantage of the new technology and use it in their favor for campaigning. In the 2012 election between Obama and Mitt Romney, Obama had a lead in digital activity. According to Pew Research Center, “Obama campaign published 614 posts during the two weeks examined…

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