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  • Sex Lies And The Ballot Box: Chapter Analysis

    Voting Patterns: Race and Gender Race, gender, and other minority groups play a key role in politics, significantly in Britain. Three specific chapters from Sex Lies and the Ballot Box: 50 things you need to know about the British Elections, shed light on the key roles of ethnic minority MPs, gender differences in voting, and ethnic group norms, which effectively illustrate the importance of these elements in political system in Britain. Maria Sobolewska, author of the chapter titled “The…

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  • Racial Stereotyping Research Paper

    On a pleasant summer afternoon at the mall, a young girl and her mother strolled towards a young woman wearing a hijab. The child smiled and waved at the woman, who returned the gesture. However, upon noticing this, the young girl’s mother yanked her away, whispering loudly, “Don’t talk to terrorists” and casting a scathing glance at the poor woman, whose smile had dissipated into a hurt expression. Although many don’t recognize it, racism and racial stereotyping have become commonplace in…

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  • Anglo-Saxon Culture

    identities and sense of national identity. Can we be patriotic without having ethnicity? Yes, in principle, as long as foreign conflicts do not directly correlate upon any one group within the country such as with Muslims religiously “linked” to 9/11or the Germans or Japanese during World War…

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  • Hum/111 Week 1 Learning Journal Analysis

    Learning Journal 1 I have not been subjected to individuals in my family using or abusing drugs. I also must admit I am a bit naïve about many of the drugs in society today. Therefore, I am learning quite a bit about many different names, types, affects and history of the numerous drugs within our societies. For instance, Marijuana being the oldest known psychoactive plant and that many of the illicit drugs of today were first used for medicinal purposes and for cures of addictions. Also,…

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  • Multicultural Workplace: A Case Study

    identify as biracial comprised 65.3% of the workforce in 2012. Issues That Create Racial Tension in the Workplace Particular areas that create tension in a multicultural workplace includes the assumption that all members of a particular race or ethnic group engage in groupthink or have the same needs, as well as language and communication styles. Case in point, the census reporting classification of “black” includes individuals from the sub-Saharan Africa and the Caribbean who have cultural…

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  • Focus Group Needs Analysis

    Group: WCSU Recreation Department Group Members: Jackie Fernandez, Chris Mathews, Jared Willsey, Lucy Daniels, Allison Oakley Needs Assessment Purpose: Through the needs assessment we will determine how we can increase the physical activity of WCSU students through the understanding of health needs as a campus community by use of the WCSU Recreation facilities. Focus Group Purpose: Through our focus group we will determine the best possible way conduct our project by identifying the mission…

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  • Foster Care And Child Abuse

    Foster care are like toy stores, every foster child symbolizes a toy who has put on the shelf and has been labeled used, damaged, and/or out of date. Still they have the same dreams and aspirations as the new models, to go home with someone who will love, and cherish them with all their overflowing stuffing, missing button eyes, matted fur, and uneasy temperament because too often have they been thrown about and trampled on. Too long for any child or toy to sit and hope for something better to…

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  • Orange Is The New Black Identity

    the topic of identity and allowing for its application on a larger context that houses within the Structuralism perspective. Identity is an umbrella term to classify the broad categories of race, gender, religion, sexuality, and family/subcultural groups – all of these things can define what one views the identity of oneself or of another. Structuralism is the foundational base for the surface phenomenon to exist or operate, or strongly conditions in some way (Febiri 8), it is the idea that a…

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  • Positive Peer Pressure

    As children are growing up we do not necessarily think about much. We normally go to school, do our work, and have fun with friends. As we hit our adolescence part of life, we tend to be more socially active, and being more with friends rather than family. During this stage of life peer pressure can be a challenge in most individuals. Although, many think of peer pressure as a negative aspect of life, it can have many positive effects like positive peer association; as well as empathy and social…

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  • Benefits Of Diversity

    these goals, employers must actively seek formal and informal employee input. This can be done through the creation of affinity groups. Affinity groups include diversity councils, task teams, issue study groups, focus groups, affinity councils and networking groups. These groups provide a way for employees to express their needs and interests. The input received from these groups is often…

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