The Influence Of Stereotypes Among African Americans

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Everywhere you turn there is someone of a different racial or ethnic Identity that may look unfamiliar to what one is accustomed to. Everything that makes one look different in another’s eyes is what makes them unique and their own way. The world is so diverse that not all individuals are able to understand how large of a multicultural population we live in. It is unfortunate that in today’s world when being introduced to a new culture there may be retaliation with aspects of stereotypes, prejudice, or discrimination. One doesn’t take in the time to understand the different aspects that go into a culture and why certain things distinguish us from one another may be held of high value by those pertaining in that group. In this paper I …show more content…
This has in turn lead to a negative relationship with the law enforcement because the stereotypes are believed to apply to all African Americans, making people think that one should always take precaution when in their presence. Further, this could also lead to the stereotype that high crime rates revolve are because of African Americans, when in contrary African Americans are more likely to be victims of crimes than committing them (Schaefer, 2015). Take in the media attention about how many young men are being killed by police officers or regular citizens. The epidemic led to the start of the movement Black Lives Matter that help bring awareness to the killing of innocent African Americans. Some cases pertained to the movement ended in ways that one would consider as victim discounting. The movement ended up receiving so much attention because of the continuous killings and also the up rise in more aggressive force cops have used towards Blacks when it comes to restraining. This then brings up the concern of differential justice, addressing that Whites are more likely dealt with in a more lenient manner than Blacks (Schaefer,

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