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  • The Manhattan Transcripts Analysis

    Appendices Appendix 1 ‘The Manhattan Transcripts’ by Bernard Tschumi “The Manhattan Transcripts is a theoretical project of drawings, they differ from the most architectural drawings insofar as they are neither real projects nor mere fantasies. They propose to transcribe an architectural interpretation of reality. To this aim, they use a particular structure indicated by photographs that either direct or ‘witness’ events (some would say ‘functions’, others would call them ‘programs’) At the…

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  • To The Animal Refuge: A Narrative Fiction

    “A dead wombat,” Penny said as she closed her window. Storm looked back in the rear vision mirror at the still form of the marsupial lying on its back in the bend. All four feet rigid in the air and bloated with gas to the size of a fattened calf. “I told you not to do that. You’ve stunk up the car.” “The poor thing.” “They’re as stupid as heck. Probably fell asleep on the side of the road.” Lightning crackled over the line of jagged hills that ran like a row of broken teeth along the horizon.…

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  • The Tragic Relationships In October Sky By Homer Hickam

    In the book “October Sky”, by Homer Hickam, Sonny and his father Homer Sr. have a problematic relationship. Throughout the entire story, the reader sees constant arguing, a lack of communication, and a sense of neglect between the two. Homer Sr. chooses not to pay attention to Sonny and his rockets, and for most children this ignorance of an interest would be discouraging and bring them down. In Sonny’s case however, this strained relationship between him and Homer Sr. was actually beneficial to…

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  • Revolutions: The Industrial Revolution

    understand a single word of it." (The Assayer, 1622, in Discoveries and Opinions, p. 238) Galileo worked hard to demonstrate and establish mathematical formulas for explaining the world. One tool that Galileo invented and used in his work was the telescope. “The telescope's impact was sudden, immense, and rippled across the length and breadth of cultures, affecting scientific theory and method, of course, but also theology, philosophy, literature, and art. In particular, Galileo's depiction of…

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  • Presence Of Water On Mars Essay

    How did these robots allow them to prove the presence of water on Mars ? Research for water on Mars started when polar caps and clouds were located by telescope on Mars. We will study the possible presence of water on Mars through the geological aspect, through information that was received from the robots on Mars. The presence of actual liquid water was never confirmed nor found on Mars. NASA was able to…

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  • Is Space Exploration Worth The Cost

    Space Exploration is worth the costs! Space exploration began in earnest during the Cold War. Space exploration has became known as exploring the final frontier. For many people, seeing or reading about the first astronaut on the moon is a source of inspiration. The benefits derived from space exploration and its research and technology on communications, economy, and health are well worth all of the costs that come as a result. While some will argue that the money spent on space exploration…

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  • Analysis Of Arthur C. Clarke's 2001: A Space Odyssey

    very weapons that led them to greatness to destroy everything they had. If Bowman, now a Starchild hadn’t returned to Earth and known how, “Down there on that crowded globe, the alarms would be flashing across the radar screens, the great tracking telescopes would be searching the skies,” and decided, “he preferred a cleaner sky” (Clarke). Without the help of Bowman the human race would have been doomed to destroy the evolved world they had made using the weapons that had evolved alongside…

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  • Alfonso Cuaron: Gravity Film Analysis

    The film I chose to watch is Alfonso Cuaron’s film, Gravity. The film is less of sci-fi and more of space thriller. I chose to watch this film because I have always been a fan of thriller films and this film is different and one of its kind. Especially watching the film in 3-D is worth. Most 3-D films are more like a gimmick but this is film achieves real depth and spatial awareness for the viewer. Perhaps, the film makes you breathless with excitement. To me, the film was more than a…

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  • Gun Violence Argument

    Gun Violence Argument essay “Yes, people pull the trigger - but guns are the instrument of death. Gun control is necessary, and delay means more death and horror”(Eliot Spitzer). Gun Control and debating whether they should be stricter has been a debate that has lasted for Centuries, and waiting and not making any progress and letting mentally ill individuals, criminals and drug abusers get a hold of a gun or an assault weapon that can bring harm to innocent people living their normal life is…

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  • Ralph Waldo Emerson Reflection Paper

    Between the last few months from September to the present day I believe I have made many spiritual connections within my life. Until recently I have been analyzing what these connections are and what they mean to me. A few of the books we have read this semester actually triggered the journey I am writing of for me. The books were She Who Is, The Female Face of God in Auschwitz, and Living with a Wild God. As well the movie Of Gods and Men and the readings of Descartes in philosophy. My…

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