Teleological argument

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  • How Does Income Inequality Affect The American Dream

    does not play a role in upward mobility in the poor rather it serves as an incentive for the bright minds to reach. Discussion The propositions main argument was that income inequality impairs the American dream, because low income families don’t have the resources the wealthy have in order to climb the financial ladder. Therefore, we have the argument by the proposition that we have an impediment for the poor, in which not being able to afford a quality education or the necessary glasses…

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  • Why You Should Get A Job During An Interview

    been asked to argue why you would be the best person to hire for a job during an interview? If you have ever been in an interview most likely the answer is yes. When this question arises, you need to be prepared to respond confidently with a good argument explaining why you should get the job. A great first step in preparing for this is to take a class that studies argumentation. I carefully picked my visuals, layout, font, and other aspects of my advertisement to persuade people to study…

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  • Argument Between Slaughter And Dorment

    or what is to blame for this apparent gap. Slaughter blames men and the systems that men have created while Dorment claims that a lack of drive and personal responsibility is limiting women to their current status. I personally side with Dorment’s argument on the issue, mostly due to the fact that Slaughter fails to be persuasive in her article due to the little evidence she provides being contradictory to other evidence presented by both Slaughter and Dorment. Slaughter’s article presents the…

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  • Apple And The FBI Analysis

    The feud between Apple and the FBI has received a substantial amount of media coverage lately. The legal arguments for each side appear to be equally laudable, which impelled investigate on my own. I decided to explore the question of whether or not Apple should produce a back-door to assist in the FBI’s investigation. The FBI, which initiated the debate, argued that Apple has to comply citing the All Writs Act of 1789. Apple refuses to comply stating that if the back-door was to be produced and…

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  • Rhetorical Analysis Of What Makes A Woman

    claim, along with support from anecdotes that build upon the pathos utilized throughout her article. However, while Burkett’s use of pathos strongly supports her argument, as does her credible background as a woman, she puts forth very few facts to create a solid logos core for her topic. As a result of this missing logos core, Burkett’s argument falls short from proving the point that women and men are equal and should be treated so. The genre that of this article is descriptive…

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  • Analysis: What Won T We Give Up?

    Has technology compromised our sexual and social life? As technology has become an integral part of our lives, people start questioning whether or not we are too addicted to it that we could give up our social life. A survey conducted by Sachs media group in 2013 shows that majority of respondents would not give up their smartphone for a week, given the choice among sex, smartphone, alcohol and caffeine (Sachs media group, 2013). The statistics presented through the infographic “What Won’t We…

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  • Fallacies In Advertising Essay

    three fallacies that I used were ad populum, ad verecundiam, and false cause (post hoc ergo propter hoc). While they were subtly used, they are able to illustrate what those specific fallacies are and why they are used in everyday advertising or arguments. The first fallacy I used in my advertisement for First Glitter was ad populum. This is simply stated as a way to “persuade someone to accept a desired conclusion on the grounds that many people evidently agree.” I illustrated this by uses the…

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  • James And Pascal's Argument Analysis

    faith in some of their most famous arguments, specifically Pascal’s, devalue faith by making faith selfish, providing an obvious out to faith, and making the decision of faith into a gamble, oddly, his devaluation of faith does not hurt his argument, it makes it easier to convince the skeptics. To prove that Pascal’s argument devalues faith and to understand why it doesn’t negatively affect his argument, it’s necessary to understand the whole argument. His argument can be split into quite a few…

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  • Thesis Statement Guidelines

    Question no.1:- Define thesis statement and anecdote in your own words? Answer no.1:- THESIS STATEMENT:- • Should be single sentences, not more than two. • Reflection of the topic of the essay. • It shouldn’t be a fact, announcement, quotation or question. • Gives significance of the subject of an essay. • 4 ideas, 1 main and 3 supporting. • Central idea of the whole topic. • Dual dimensional (i.e. helps both readers…

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  • Gasland Film Analysis

    various regulations upon those that frack for natural gas. Leading to the point where the fracking industry is called into question about their doing by Josh Fox in his documentary Gasland that sways public perception to be negative over the fracking argument.…

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