Teleological argument

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  • Religious Analysis Of Miracles Essay

    Austin Briffa Professor Lund Honors Philosophy of Science 12-04-16 Miracles: A Scientific and Religious Analysis The concept of a miracle has been etched into our society for centuries. It’s a word that is used quite often in colloquial language, such as when one hears good news. To many, they are attributed to supernatural entities, saints, and prophets, such as those found in Judeo-Christian scripture. From parting the Red Sea to turning water into wine, these mystical events have captured…

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  • The Broken Home Theory

    continual cycle of negative behavior in children from broken homes that essentially negatively affects the structure of the family, and propagates a whole new generation of children from broken homes. In essence, this analysis will reinforce the arguments by proponents of the broken home theory. In the absence of parents, teenagers are likely to become exposed to and engaged in sexual behavior. As argued by Fagan (1999) and Fagan & Churchill (2012), this could ultimately lead to pregnancy and…

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  • Analysis Of Antidoping Strategies In Sport By Norman C. Fost

    Fost, it gives reasons about how the prohibition drugs in athletics have moral principles. Fost is arguing about how prohibiting such drugs is no clear moral principles. I will be analyzing two argument claims in the article of Fost and will also be evaluating Frost’s argument in agreeing with his arguments and reasons. Fost argues about what things are harmful and explains why it is not a good moral claim reason to prohibit steroids because as Fost also mentions that “two-thirds of premature…

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  • Galilei Persuasion Analysis

    Persuasion relies on means of communication that influences beliefs, attitudes, and values. Philosophers throughout the course of history have encountered many dilemmas involving such. Galileo Galilei, an Italian philosopher is a prime example of a man who faced resistance in his act of persuasion. Considering his background, Galileo’s agenda was to argue the value of the Bible against the many discoveries of science. His pro science position, created a discrepancy amongst the people. Showing…

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  • Mind Over Mass Media Analysis

    In their work over the past ten years, Malcom Gladwell and Steven Pinker have presented their research and hypotheses regarding the unexpected implications of contemporary social issues. Specifically, their respective views on preventing criminal activity and disproving the growing concerns in regards to society’s reliance on mass media. In an excerpt from Malcom Gladwell’s The Tipping Point, the author analyzes the application of a theory known as “the tipping point”. Likewise, Steven Pinker’s…

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  • Valid Argument

    Differentiating Between Valid and Invalid Forms of Propositional Arguments Pages 164 – 175 of the textbook focuses on assessing valid forms versus invalid forms of propositional forms. It provides a brief description of what would be considered a valid argument and invalid argument. A valid argument passes the proper form test, while an invalid argument fails it. Five of the nine most used propositional arguments discusses are valid arguments. These valid forms include: the denying a disjunct,…

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  • Arguments For Vaccinations

    Arguments for the Next Research Paper There are many intriguing topics that could be used in the upcoming argumentative research paper. So many, in fact, that it is so hard to choose. Choosing an argumentative topic and sticking to it is a little painful since in fact the controversial nature of the arguments are so appealing and vast. The first topic that might be interesting for an argumentative research paper is: Should a person pursue their dreams or settle for a more attainable career…

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  • Dbq Essay On The Food And Diet Industry

    (supported by many other previous studies) found that diet drinks may be worse than sugar-sweetened drinks.” By making reference to a study that supports his argument, it helps establish a strong sense of credibility. It is evident document #1 is not just basing its information on nothing, which in return establishes additional credibility to its argument. It is also evident by referencing this study that professional experts specialized in this specific field share the same perspective. Though…

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  • Analysis Of What I Want Right Now By Joan Didion

    down everything I wanted in that moment painted a clear picture of the state I was in for any future readers including myself. Looking back at this old post managed to trigger emotions that I had not felt since the time that I wrote it. The central argument of On Keeping a Notebook by Joan Didion is one about reconnection and reconciliation with her past self. Her strong values of self-awareness and staying connected to her past were reasons for her keeping a notebook. “We forget all too soon…

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  • Why Does Frankfurt Think Bs Is Worse Than Lying Analysis

    bullshitter, on the other hand, does not focus on keeping up with the truth because they have zero regard for the person who they are bullshitting. 2. Analyze McGinn’s moral argument and how it does or does not apply to the public policy issue of children’s advertising described in Consuming Kids. After reading McGinn’s moral argument about mindfucking, one can conclude that this concept does apply to the public policy issue of children’s advertising. Consuming kids is about how advertising…

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