Straight leg raise

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  • The Importance Of Office Exercise

    Just do the following procedure: Raise your arms above your head Interlock your fingers Turn palms upward above head Push away from…

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  • Pros And Disadvantages Of Suryanamaskar: The Sun Salutation

    Suryanamaskar (The Sun Salutation): Why you do it and How to do it; transforming your life The name Suryanamaskar is self –explanatory. Surya meaning sun and namaskar meaning salutation in Sanskrit. It is a series of asanas, whose origin lies in India, where a large number of its population worships the sun god, Surya. It is a chain of twelve postures, each having its unique and magnificent benefit on your body, mind and soul. You come back from your hectic schedule and crash land on your couch…

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  • Lower Back Exercise

    Most people end up primarily using their hip muscles, not their abdominal muscles, so they’re working the wrong muscles. Sit-ups also put a lot of pressure on the discs in the spine. • Another exercise to avoid is the double leg lift. Lifting both legs while you’re lying flat on your back places a lot of stress on the lower spine. If your muscles are already weak in that area, you could actually add to your pain instead of relieving it. Also make it a habit to avoid full-length toe touches…

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  • Importance Of Unhealthy Fitness Program For Cattle Muscles

    On the position below, face down your shoulders, 90 degree, the weight of the power and body upper body remains in your forearm's wrist, elbow but should remain straight down from your shoulders, then your body should be bent, and your body should be one Presenting your head and feet in the straight line, this condition is done every 15 seconds, gradually to maintain the length of 2 minutes! Action 5: Bridge Exercise (Bridge movement) This action really does, not only can improve…

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  • Back Pain Case Study

    rub. Regarding the back, he is able to do forward flexion to about 80 degrees almost to 90 about 6 inches short of touching his toes. He can then extend his back towards the posterior about 20 degrees and says that gets a little pain on the legs. Bended leg with rotation does not elicit any back pain on the…

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  • What Are The Importance Of Body Mechanics

    surgery. It must be cleaned daily with soap and water and covered with dry gauze. Condom catheters are often used in individuals who are male. This catheter slides over the penis and tubing connects it to a drainage bag. Bags that are attached to the leg are often used in male…

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  • Shoulder Flexibility Exercise

    There are multiple forms of flexibility testing that can be used created on the general outcome you are looking to achieve. These tests can range from Trunk and Lower Body (hamstring test, Straight Leg Raise, Modified Thomas Test, V-Sit test, Kraus Webber Floor Touch Test, Groin Flexibility test, calf muscle flexibility test, Trunk Rotation Test, Sit and reach, Back scratch test V sit-and-reach test) to upper body consisting of Shoulder Flexion (Shoulder Stretch, Back Scratch Test, Shoulder…

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  • Kinesio Tape In Football Players

    Title: Does using kinesio tape have an increase within flexibility in a players hamstring (Does it matter of how the tape is applied as state one way it states it increases muscle length, also looking at acute effect). Introduction: Football is known to be the world 's most popular single sport and it is played in so many different levels by all different ages and gender (Giulianotti: 2012). Within football several players go down in pre-season with tight hamstrings resulting in injury. It…

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  • Personal Fitness Program

    Final Project – Creating a Personal Fitness Program It takes a lot of hard work and determination to be well and achieve your fitness goals. But where there is a will, there is a way. If you are willing, the first thing you have to do is prepare and set yourself up for success. I am excited to have the opportunity to do just that by creating this personal fitness program and pursuing a healthier lifestyle. In order to be an effective fitness program, it must include a cardiorespiratory…

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  • Antonin Mercie: The Gloria Victis

    The Gloria Victis is a sculpture that presents an image of an angel carrying a dead soldier lifeless body to heaven. Mercie’ originally created the sculpture as a tribute of victory for the soldiers fighting the Franco-Prussian war with the head raise up. After France had lost the war, he changed it to the soldier’s head down, indicating defeat. Mercie’ did not reconstruct Gloria Victis as a poignant tribute but as monument of hope and honor to the fallen soldiers who did not die in vain.…

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