Kendrick Lamar Accomplishments

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In this poetry research paper, I will discuss the work of Kendrick Lamar, his life, his goals and accomplishments that he has done since he joined the music industry. Kendrick Lamar Duckworth also known as Kendrick Lamar is a rapper, born and raised in Compton, California. Kendrick was born June, 17th 1987, growing up in the streets of Compton where seeing some die was normal and when seeing a robbery was just another day. He grew up rapping and rhyming in the streets, earning the nickname ‘K-Dot’. Just another boy growing up in the hood.
Growing up, Kendrick was one of four, though he was the only child until he was seven years old. He was one of those quiet children who liked staying at home, watching T.V, a man to himself (Eells). Kendrick
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Kendrick adds his thoughts on that and adds that he “grew up fast as fuck” The Duckworth’s family was not a rich or a wealthy family, they were barely surviving. His father worked at a KFC and his mother would do hair for $20 per person. They were also on food stamps and welfare (Eells). Kendrick 's father was working day and night and he eventually put two and two together and realized that his father may be working on the streets. His parents did that for him to keep him out of trouble and only give him the best of life. Kendrick does not like talking about his old memories, but he does mention them in many of his songs.
Kendricks biggest idols were 2pac and Dr. Dre and even stood outside of the video shooting of “California Love” with his father, sitting on his shoulders trying to see the rappers as best as he can for hours. He tries to remember how that day went down in one of his interviews, but unfortunately, he had forgotten much of
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Shortly, he was let go and we will go into more details of that in the poetry analysis. Many of his friends who he was raised with ended up dying in the streets of Compton and not being able to get out of the horrible situations that they were born into (“Kendrick Lamar”). One thing about his hometown of Compton is that
Kendrick released many mixtapes under the name of K-dot, which did him a lot of benefits when big producers like Dr. Dre started to catch on to the talent and wanting to give him a record deal (Biography Editors). In 2003, Kendrick created a mixtape by the name of “Youngest nigga in Charge” (“Kendrick Lamar”.) This mixtape got the attention from his neighbors in Southern California and further. Kendrick ended up saying yes to a deal that Dr. Dre offered him and shortly after his career went rising high. This was Kendricks idol offering him a deal to go out and become big, how could he not take

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