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  • Career Interview Questions

    A Retired Professional Interview The agricultural and extension education profession has changed and developed over time. As a future worker in this career, I need to know more about the agricultural and extension education profession and how it developed with time. In order to fully understand that, I interviewed the retired extension worker in Mississippi State. He is known as one of the top soybean specialists in the US. This interview took place on Monday, March 21, 2016 at Starbucks on Highway 12 in Starkville, Mississippi. My interviewee was Dr. Alan Blaine, who co-founded the Southern Ag Consulting with two of his graduate students in 2008. Furthermore, he co-founded the Alliance Ag Risk Management in 2009. Besides the two companies, he manages his own timber, hay, and cattle farm. Dr. Blaine has a doctorate in Agronomy with a minor in Plant Pathology from Mississippi State University. He earned his master’s in Agronomy with a minor in Plant Pathology, and a bachelor’s in Animal Science from Mississippi State University. In the agricultural and extension education career Dr. Blaine spent nearly 27 years from his entire life. He started his profession in 1982, and he retired in 2008. During Dr. Blaine’s career at MSU…

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  • Personal Narrative: I Want To Pursue At Mississippi State University

    When I was in kindergarten, my teacher asked each of my classmates including me who they wanted to become when they grew up. The majority of the girls in my class responded with a cheerleader, a ballerina, or a princess. On the other hand, the boys responded with a football player, superman, or a firefighter. When I responded, it was entirely unexpected. Can you conclude who I desired to become? Though young, I had immense ideas of suiting up in a black embellished uniform, coated with a badge…

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  • Personal Narrative: The Starkville High School Race

    the best it was. Kate was young and new to the sport of track and field. She only had one season under her belt. She was informed about how competitive this race was. “You will compete with champions from all around the south.” Her coach told her. Kate was extremely thrilled and excited, but more nervous than ever because her two biggest in-state rivals were also going to be there. She felt so much pressure to beat them. She had never raced both of them in a track race at the same time. Not…

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  • Wes Moore Analysis

    teacher and I just assumed Ole Miss would have those classes for me. Unfortunately, they did not. I was faced with the decision to decide between my dream school that does not have my major, and a school that I had never even thought about going to, but they had my major. I wanted to go to ole miss so bad I considered changing what I know I wanted to do in life just so I could stay in Oxford. My mom was in full support of me going to Ole Miss, but she wanted me to explore my options. We took a…

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  • Social Work Case Study: A New Client

    Shakira is a, 12 year old, African American woman. Her goals are to work on her attitude and to stop fighting. I was able to sit in on her NOMs assessment. She is currently in the Starkville Alternative school for fighting. She pressured her mom to get her into the SOC program because she thought it was a social group that got you out of class. She frequently fights at school and claims it’s because people call her names and she defends herself. The alternative teacher descried her as rebellious…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Experience As A Resident Assistant

    I originally took the RA position based on the scholarship. I did not want student loans and living off campus would mean that I would be working ridiculous hours at some job to pay rent I cannot afford. The job has not been that bad now that I reflect but it still was not great. The residents are not the hard part it was the work required by the Reslife department. There are several requirements, programs, papers, and etc. required from the resident assistants, but I do not thing that it is…

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  • David King Oral History

    that has compelled him to use his many talents in services for his boyhood city and community. Over the course of my interview with Mr. King, I learned a great many things, but the lesson I found to be most valuable was the knowledge that there are some problems in this world that are well worth devoting most if not all, of your life to fighting against. During this semester, I have read about many of the great heroes of the civil rights movement, all of whom gladly devoted their entire…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Trip To A Drag Show At Rick's Cafe

    the song. During the entire show, I sang along to the drag queens and drag kings performing. It was just fabulous. I had such a wonderful time. It was something I did not expect to enjoy that much. I sang and danced the entire show although I was embarrassing my friends a little bit. A few drag queens even came up to me and danced with me while they performed. I felt honored that I got to be a part of their performance. One drag queen’s boyfriend even came up and asked me to cheer loud for her.…

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  • Bike Injuries In Schools

    wearing, cost, biking short distances, inconvenience, disruption of physical appearance and concerns about ridicule (Roberts et al. 2010). Cossman’s (et al. 2013) study also showed that students don’t wear helmets due to vanity, cost, inconvenience, and peer ridicule. Students who reported that they did wear helmets wore them because of past injuries they have experienced while riding their bike, injuries that someone close to them have received while riding their bike, perceived dangers of…

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  • Return To Reality In Edith Wharton's Ethan Frome

    without her he would be left alone in this desolate prison. Although Ethan has come to love Mattie for her unique qualities and similar interest in nature, she remains as more of an ideal than reality. He loves the ideas she represents to him, the opportunity for rebellion against societal norms. On their night alone, Mattie “had run a streak of crimson ribbon” (Wharton 44) through her hair. The precise diction of “crimson” shows how Wharton wanted to draw attention to the color itself, being a…

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