Personal Narrative: The Starkville High School Race

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April 3, 2013 – the big weekend had arrived. Kate had been nervous about this race since the moment she found out she was in it. The race was called the challenge of champions. High school champions from Alabama, Louisiana, Arkansas, Mississippi, and other states in the south came to run this race to determine who the best of the best it was. Kate was young and new to the sport of track and field. She only had one season under her belt. She was informed about how competitive this race was. “You will compete with champions from all around the south.” Her coach told her.
Kate was extremely thrilled and excited, but more nervous than ever because her two biggest in-state rivals were also going to be there. She felt so much pressure to beat them. She had never raced both of them in a track race at the same time. Not only did she feel the pressure from
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Everyone celebrated because almost everyone had raced that day. Kate 's teammates were relieved and relaxed. They had already taken care of business. Kate, on the other hand, was very anxious and worried about the next day. She was paranoid about eating right, stretching properly, and getting the perfect amount of sleep. She was in a room with three other teammates, who were very respectful of the fact that she will race the next day. They went to bed around 10:00 PM.
When Kate woke up, she felt like a kid on Christmas morning. She woke up knowing it was a big day and she was very excited. Immediately, she began thinking about the race she would be competing in that evening and talked to God about it. She knew he had a plan for her and she wanted to fulfill it. It was time to eat breakfast, so she and her teammates went to the lobby where the coaches were waiting on them. "Kate Mattox is ready to run!” Exclaimed Coach Woomer. Kate smiled her nerves away as she began toasting her wheat bread. "I am just ready to run this and be done.” Kate thought to

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