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  • Character Development In Gym Candy

    of varsity practices, he tries and tries to do better than all the other players in his position. He picks them off, one by one, until it is a toss-up between him and a junior named Matt Drager. Mick, after almost the entire season has passed and not knowing any better, asks the coach if he will ever get any starts. The coach replies, “I decide who plays and who starts, you understand? Now get out of here” (Deuker). Two hours later, another junior by the name of Brad Middleton, tells Mick that the coach has never started freshman, and probably never would. This infuriates Mick and causes him to try even harder, so hard he is breaking down after practice. He outruns Drager, and the coach still starts Drager. That is, until Drager and the starting quarterback get into major trouble for underage consumption of alcohol. They are suspended from the team and Mick, along with Drew, gets his first Varsity football start. As fortunate as that is, he loses the game, by twelve inches. Most importantly, this game was to decide if they would go to the districts round of the tournament. Mick broke away from the line and saw a hole to shoot for. He dashed through that hole and finds an open field in front of him. He makes it to the twenty yard line and sees one person he needs to beet to score the winning touchdown. A humungous tackle with the number 50 on his chest stands blocking Mick from the end-zone. Mick drives into him and drives his feet, but it wasn’t enough. As his feet are still…

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  • Nursing: A Short Story

    tries to find the dot she drew on my arm earlier camouflaged in the faint freckles up and down my arm. I take a deep breath as she brings the syringe , filled with the "magical" bring purple serum, closer and closer to my skin. I clench my jaw as I feel the needle pierce my skin while the serum is injected into me. When I hear the sound of the syringe being placed onto a tray I turn to face the nurse who instantly says, "That 's it all done. Now I want you to explain exactly how you feel, if…

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  • Exercise Science In Sports

    Baseball has long been known as America’s Pastime. From the days of Babe Ruth to Nolan Ryan and other veterans succeeding, to rookies taking the game by storm recently, baseball is the true definition of a children’s game. Anybody, regardless of age, height, or weight, can play this beautiful game. Baseball is a sport that involves many instances of injury, especially the infamous Tommy John surgery that a large population of pitchers are getting done, as well as players wanting to better…

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  • Descriptive Essay About Cross-Country

    on your chest and back. Each bib requires four silver pins to secure it. My brother helped me secure my bib on the back. I felt the slight prick of a pin entering my skin. He mumbled an apology in my ear. I doubt it was an accident. Next, I am issued two small bibs to pin onto my hips. Finally, two electronic sensors are secured to my shoes with red twist ties. Our coach lectures us about how we can’t lose them, because they cost fifty dollars a piece. The distance between the starting line…

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  • Big Day Narrative

    As the warm, July sun broke out of its slumber and the twilight sky vanished, I was trudging deep into the Steens Mountains along with one-hundred other runners. Months of sweat and callused feet were spent preparing for this one day: Big Day. Stories told by past campers filled my ears, giving me nightmares and excitement. The first eighteen miles whizzed by as we hiked through the dehydrated bushes with the beating sun gazing down on us. The real story layed within the last couple of miles.…

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  • The Life Of Running

    arrived. Mixed emotions had suddenly started to kick in with a dose of reality, November 12th was the day to make history. From being nervous, to filled with pride, to a sense of fearfulness, to sudden jumps of extreme happiness because all you had worked for would finally pay off. We started to warm up, yet we still remained quiet as we tried to maintain concentration. Someone breaks the inevitable tension with a classic joke, but it all slowly fades away with the occasional gusty winds. The…

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  • Personal Narrative Essay: Home Track

    group of sprinters in all of Idaho. Districts had not prepared me for the tension and dread I felt now. Running the 100-meter dash at state was never something I intended to do, but as luck had it, placing fourth in finals by a mere hundredth of a second secured me a spot at Idaho’s biggest high school track and field event of the year. While waiting for the feared moment when I would hear the announcer crackle over the sound system “first call girls 100-meter prelims, report to the starting…

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  • Analysis Of Chipotle Crisis

    Crisis. Whether you are an organization who is new to the industry, or a well-established brand, no company is immune crisis situations. Events of this nature if not managed correctly, have the ability to bring even the most impervious seeming companies to their knees. Chipotle’s ineffective communications’ response during their 2015 E. coli crisis, has had detrimental repercussions to the brand’s public image. The focus of my paper will assess two months in this yearlong crisis, specifically…

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  • Importance Of Cyber War

    THE US PRESIDENTIAL ELECTIONS AND A WORLDWIDE CYBER WAR Developments in technology and information systems have created a new world and provided numerous benefits. Individuals, states, and international bodies take advantage of such benefits; however they are under some risks as well. As Miller and Kuehl (2009) note, “The increasing dependence of modern technologically-advanced forces (especially American forces) on networks and systems create new kinds of exploitable vulnerabilities.”…

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  • Government Censorship

    Any online communication is facilitated by multiple layers of intermediaries. Search engines, internet providers, hosting companies and social media platforms keep the machinery running for people to be able to tweet, e-mail or share photos with their friends. These companies are crucial fort the whole internet ecosystem. They are also a “weak link” through which governments can exert control over the supposedly unruly digital world. It’s easier to pressure digital companies then to go after…

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