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  • Commentary On Stasiland By Anna Funder

    German communication production service. Anna Funder amalgamated various sources to present a detailed account of the time period she calls “Stasiland.” Funder used personal accounts as sources. She gathered information from face-to-face interviews as well as phone calls, recounted in her book. Anna analyzed Stasi files and other documents. In addition to outside sources, Funder used her own experiences to further enhance her book. Funder recollects her own adventures traveling through Germany. Anna Funder minimizes bias because she presents multiple viewpoints about…

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  • The Shield Of Achilles In Homer's Iliad

    Her metaphor of describing the Republic as a “secret walled-in garden, a place lost in time” underlines the absolute secrecy and the retrogressive ideologies which were espoused by the GDR within the confines of the Eastern side of the Berlin wall. Funder’s detailed description in her anecdotes of the torture practises performed by the Stasi officers, “They pushed her head under for a long time, then dragged her up by the hair”, and the impact upon the prisoners, “They broke me inside and out”,…

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  • Stasiland: A Non-Fiction Narrative Written By Anna Funder

    Stasiland is a non-fiction narrative authored by Anna Funder that entails the life, in East Germany, of both victims and members of the Stasi and the German Democratic Republic (GDR). It explores the life ‘behind the iron curtain’ through personal anecdotes and interviews. Via Funder’s investigation it becomes apparent that only some of the victims of the Stasi have not fully recovered and that many of their inflictions can be attributed to influences other than the Stasi. Anna’s first…

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  • Stasis

    Stasis is not the science fiction type of stasis where you are frozen in time; it is more akin to hibernation. We will slow the bodies of humans down to a state where they can still function as a person but not get deadly hypothermia. Astronauts aren’t supposed to live off of their body fat for 8 months like bears so scientists have come up for a solution to give humans that same affect by giving them liquid nutrients directly into the bloodstream. This is great because it bypasses the…

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  • Stasiland Analysis

    examines the history of Germany, noting the lingering effect that the Stasi had on its victims, as many of them were unable to recover from their past and move into the future, whilst also exploring how the fall of East Germany caused many members of the Stasi to become trapped in their memories of what once was. Funders own understanding of the the GDR and its history changes throughout the text. In response to the letter from the Armenian, Funder wishes to seek out singular events in history…

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  • Analysis Of Stasiland By Anna Funder

    and the grease mark off the wall. Through this, Funder displays how Germany is attempting to clean away all the personal history and the impact of the Stasi, whilst still remembering the past. Ultimately, this fails as the cleaner “still can’t get [the mark] off” displaying how even in post GDR…

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  • Stasis Theory Analysis

    According to the course syllabus Stasis Theory is “A means of invention that provides rhetors with a set of questions that, when asked systematically, can help them to determine where the disagreement between themselves and the audience begins.” The writer must think critically when it comes to answering the four questions. When a person’ asks a question a response is expected. Sometimes disagreements will arise. In the “Stasis Theory” the questions are answered through systematic investigation…

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  • Venous Stasis Ulcer Analysis

    Venous stasis ulcers ought not to be mistaken for ulcers identified with blood vessel inadequacy (fringe blood vessel ailment, Cushion) which are because of deficient stream of oxygenated blood (red blood) to the tissues. Fringe blood vessel infection creating blood vessel ulcers are from cutting edge atherosclerotic ailment in the blood vessel arrangement of the lower furthest points and are connected with diabetes, more seasoned age and elevated cholesterol levels (hypercholesterolemia) in…

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  • Summary Of Christian Swegal's Stasis

    Christian Swegal’s “Stasis” seems to be set some time during the future. The main protagonist, through some confusion revealed as Henry Archer, gets amnesia after activating a proximity mine while on duty. The two only memories he retains is about the briefing of the mission and a woman. Henry goes through many different stages of during this time period that one might think he had psychological trauma not just from the accident. There are many elements in this production worked very well to…

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  • Timothy Garton Ash's The File Analysis

    does, particularly in a despotic form of government. Information, knowledge, is power. If you can control information, you can control people. (Tom Clancy)” The Ministry for State Security or simply know as the Stasi had maintained a tight grip over the people of the German Democratic republic, or GDR, with the use of spies and constant surveillance over it’s people. The Stasi is still known today as one of the most effective intelligence agencies of all time compiling millions of surveillance…

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